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  1. Cln

    Winterize or not?

    New to AGP,so not sure If I need to close the pool for the season. We live in Austin, Texas today its 84,next week 70's, then who knows. What do I need? I have a mesh cover,but get lots of tiny leaves that go right through the cover. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Cln

    Skimmer sock - all the time or just occassionally?

    Question,how do I ace a skimmer sock or nylon hose on my filter? I am new to this pool stuff,so kearning as I go. My pool has a Summer Waves skimmers filter pump. Do I place the sick,nylon over the filter?
  3. Cln

    New and Need help with Chemistry

    We have manual ph test kit,came with the pool. We have added Clorox pool ph plus an entire 4 pound bad into a 50,600 gallon pool. Along with chlorine tablets,2 at a time.
  4. Cln

    Pool calculator

    I am unable to bring up tje pool calculator to input my chemical numbers. When I go to down load the app it brings me back to this home page . Where can I input my pools chemical numbers?
  5. Cln

    New and Need help with Chemistry

    Moved from here. New to the pool forum,and have concerns. Once we set up our 16x48 Intex pool we took the readings. EVERYTHING was low! We added ph plus, waited an hour, nothing Since then we have yet to get a good reading of any if the chemicals. Please help,thanks.