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    Intex Pool Cleaner issue - missing valve lever

    I've just faced today with the issue that the cleaner does move in one direction only. Watched some videos and found that my issue is a unique one. The lever which moves the valve from one direction to another was MISSING inside the gearbox!!!! Unfortunately more than 30 days passed and I was...
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    Tightening PVC into the filter/motor thread

    Dear experts, Need your advice on how tight should I tighten PVC into the motor/filter threads? It looks different in each thread when I start to feel that substantial pressure has to be applied and I am afraid to break the thread. How did you handle this? Thank you!
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    INTEX 18x52 installation question: liner on horizontal bar positioning

    Hello to everyone, Have a question about how to place a liner on the Ultra Frame Pool Horizontal Bar Part. Seems like the folding line should be in the middle but it's hard to achieve after vertical bars installed. If the line is in the mi=ddle before connecting vertical bars, after that it...
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    Am I making a right choice for SWG??? Need advice

    1. "Hayward - W3AQ-TROL-RJ - Complete Salt System for Above Ground Pools Return Jet Mounting" - is it a good choice for my 7K ATG Intex pool? Was looking into INTEX 15000 gallons SWG but really leaning to Hayward. 2. Also, I believe my pump + this Hayward SWG will be good for 15Amp breaker for...
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    Hayward or Intex sand filter to buy and use ti with Intex salt system. Anyone can help, please?

    Last year I used 10" Intex sand filter and Intex salt system with 12'x30" Intex above the ground pool. I wish I had a more powerful filter ... Anyway, this year I have upgraded to 18x52 Intex pool and need to decide whether to buy Intex 16" sand filter with a pump or my eye caught Hayward sand...
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    Hi from TX

    Hey guys! Decided to join your community to hear from experts and maybe one to help someone :) Right now looking to hear whether Hayward or Intex sand filter to buy and use ti with Intex salt system. Anyone can help, please?