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    Question for the experts?

    I have a problem I've never seen before and I work on pools during the season. I installed a new hayward 100 lb sand filter system and new 1 hp pump, for a family whos old Hayward sand filter developed a crack at the seam near the collar. The system runs great ,pressure at the return and...
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    Replace spider gasket... to adhere or not

    I work on pool and I always use auto weatherstrip adhesive .Dry off and clean the valve channel after removing the spider gasket ,glue and wait 15-20 minutes then reassemble
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    Minimum Water Level in an AGP

    leave it as is until ready to do liner change, installer will pump out water and have it reset in a day. I do it all the time. if youre worried about it turning green add a gallon of chlorine
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    Skimmer Leaking

    water level is very high
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    opening and bird poop

    I have a large plastic owl that I perch on the rail at the pool ,the first week or so a few birds came by briefly so I move it to stare at a different area and It works. Very little bird poop in the pool.
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    Plumes of dust coming through after cleaning

    if it's a sand filter could it possibly be you have a broken lateral ?
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    Plumes of dust coming through after cleaning

    Maybe you neeed to stop half way through and back wash the filter ,it could be you are getting all the dirt coming back through and that is the cloudy water effect. try it once and see, after the first half of the pool ,stop,back wash the filter, then go back to vacuuming . I had to learn how...
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    Need advice on getting my grading done for 18 x 33 oval AG

    I am ready to start digging and grading for the install on my new 18 x 33 aboveground swimming pool and have some questions. I will be renting and operating a bobcat or backhoe to level out the yard which has about 12* degree slope. Do i need to compact the soil afterwards? it is a lot of clay...
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    Want to eliminate my deep end?

    Thanks Gang, I appreciate the replies. Do i need to worry about the main drain that was previously taken out? Should I put one back in?
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    Want to eliminate my deep end?

    I have a 16 x 32 inground pool with an 8 foot deep end. For reasons I dont want to get into , mainly young children,I want to fill in the deep end making it about 5 feet or even maybe keeping it all the standard 4 feet depth. I know I will need a new liner but what else? the bottom does have a...