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    Question for the experts?

    I have a problem I've never seen before and I work on pools during the season. I installed a new hayward 100 lb sand filter system and new 1 hp pump, for a family whos old Hayward sand filter developed a crack at the seam near the collar. The system runs great ,pressure at the return and...
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    Need advice on getting my grading done for 18 x 33 oval AG

    I am ready to start digging and grading for the install on my new 18 x 33 aboveground swimming pool and have some questions. I will be renting and operating a bobcat or backhoe to level out the yard which has about 12* degree slope. Do i need to compact the soil afterwards? it is a lot of clay...
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    Want to eliminate my deep end?

    I have a 16 x 32 inground pool with an 8 foot deep end. For reasons I dont want to get into , mainly young children,I want to fill in the deep end making it about 5 feet or even maybe keeping it all the standard 4 feet depth. I know I will need a new liner but what else? the bottom does have a...