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    First test for salt with K-1766 kit, and I'm unsure

    Hello all After opening a brand new kit, I decided to measure the salt in my pool out of curiosity since my SWG isn't installed yet. From the first drop, the water turned milky white, and a precipitate formed (as mentioned in the instructions). I continued to add drops, and the water remained...
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    The Cal hypo scoop - is it volume or mass?

    Good morning This is a dumb question, but it shall get asked. Buckets of cal hypo or any chlorine come with a blue scoop that's marked with grams and ounces. My brain tells me that those markings are volume and not mass. Right? I ask because the poolcalc gives you the option of adding...
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    suggestions for brand of replacement and segmented suction hose

    Hello As the title says, I need to replace some of the 4 foot segments of my Navigator cleaner, and I ask for suggestions on affordable but good hoses that will last. Thanks
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    Neverending algae stains along bottom of walls

    good morning My numbers from yesterday FC 4, ph 7.8, TA 80, CH 400, and CYA 40. The water temperature is probably 80 or higher. I added liquid bleach to bring up the FC to 7, and MA to lower that ph a bit. Sure, it's hot and sunny here in Miami, and yes, chlorine is consumed daily. I brush my...
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    small nudge, push even, with TA assistance

    good morning Yesterday's numbers: FC 6, ph 7.8, CH400, TA 110, and CYA 50. and CSI of .33 After reading the TA guide, I added MA to drop ph to 7.2 or so. This morning, the ph is 7.2 and the TA is 90. Can I stay there for now and aerate? Or is that TA number still a bit high? Thank you
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    A variable speed motor is on its way to me....what are some recommended settings?

    Helloe i have a VS motor coming my way, and I ask for some guidance on the optimal settings. I realize, that they will be individual for each pool, but I ask for some initial guidance; the motor is the Century V-Green 1.6hp 56J. My current motor runs for 7 hours moving the Hayward suction...
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    Hayward pump low voltage

    Moved from here. @JamesW I have the same issue, where the motor won't start. I measured voltage at the switch to 75 or 80 at each line. I don't own clamp-clips so I was touching it with the needle tips. I realize that is a very low number, but I think that I wasn't making a good contact...
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    An opportunity has risen to replace my single speed pump with a VS pump for free. But..

    Hello all I am studying the possibility of installing solar panels for my whole home use, and the vendor has agreed to replace my existing pump for free. Yes, free, supposedly, though I'm sure that I'll pay for it somehow. He sent me the link for it, and it a Xtremepowerusa 1.5hp pump at 220v...
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    Pretzeld hoses

    Hello all I've been battling pretzels like this, or worse, for 2 weeks now. Do I have bad: Shoes/pods? Hoses? Both?
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    The SLAM is over, and it's time to transition.

    Hello all, and I wish you safety, health, and patience. I've always struggled with understanding the transition from slam to normalcy, and so I ask. I just finished a slam, the numbers look good, and the water is immaculate. I know that I need to let it drift down to the corresponding cya/fc...
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    considering a Variable Speed Motor for my Hayward SuperPump

    I have a single speed 1.5hp Superpump with chlorine as sanitizer. My pump is loud despite being kept clean and with rubber isolators under it. Even though electricity is cheap here in Miami, any opportunity for savings (and silence) is to be taken advantage of. I run my pump from 11:30am to 7:30...
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    Impeller full of debris mysteriously.....your thoughts

    Hello all I noticed that my robot wasn't moving along at all, and the return lines were barely blowing; the pump basket was barely filled. I cleaned out the filter 4 days ago, so it didn't come from it. I checked the opening to the impeller inside the pump, and it was completely covered with...
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    crackling noise coming from filter

    Hello Thursdayers I hear a constant cracking-type sound coming from my filter, and despite having cleaned it 2 weeks ago, I see the pressure at 20psi; that is double the usual operating pressure. The crackling noise sounds as though the plastic breather tube is rattling inside, perhaps. In...
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    Maintenance and lube for a pump

    Happy new year to all, and may we all remain Trouble-free My pump seems louder than normal qhen running under normal conditions. Being that it's 5 or 6 years old, I'd like to give the motor some TLC and lube it or something. Is that wise? If so, what type of lube do you recommend, and...
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    Numbers are ok, but algae lingers...sort of...Help

    Good morning all For 2 or 3 years, I've had my pool understood and under control thanks to TFP and its teachings. I thought that I knew my pool, and that we had a good relationship. About 2 months ago, some green stains appeared on my walls and on some parts of the floor; I opened a different...
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    Stubborn battle with greenish spots on walls and floor

    Hello all My pool numbers look good, and the water is beyond crystaline. But for a week or so, I've been battling with "shadows" on the pool surface that are faint green; I will get pictures tomorrow. Neither a nylon brush nor a careful steel brushing takes them completely out. When I carefully...
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    Algae won't brush off

    Good morn Some of my walls and floor have a light coat of algae that won't brush off. Did I buy a cheap nylon brush? Or is that algae caked on sort of thing? I'm in the midst of a pseudo-Slam, with fc at 20 since I'll be going out of town for a few days.
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    Suggestions for repair of limestone coping

    Hello My limestone coping stones have many holes along all their surfaces (top, edge, bottom, etc). Is there any caulking that I can use to fill in the holes that look like the 1 in the picture? How can I avoid it looking patched? By mixing white and ivory caulk maybe???
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    Help with numbers

    Good morning Fc 13, ta 70, cya 60 and CH 350. The water is not cloudy but not totally clear, and I brush a small amount of algae every morning. I will take the light out now. Do I have to slam? Thanks
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    New pod shoes on Navigator, but it crawls along

    I replaced the concrete shoes on my Navigator, but I see that it behaves weirdly. It will sprint along, then suddenly stop, crawl, go, crawl, go, etc. The impeller is clean and the pump basket is clean as well; the filter registers a normal pressure of 8 or 9 psi. Is this happening because...
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    I've been adding chlorine daily. Is that "normal"?

    Hello all My latest and normal numbers: FC 5, ph 7.8, TA 70, CH 350, CYA 50 I am trying to maintain my FC at a recommended chart level of 6-9. Every day, I'm having to bring up the FC from 6 to 9. I know perfectly well that chlorine is a consumable specially here in very sunny Miami. But, is it...
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    Cloudy-ish water despite good numbers and little algae

    Yesterday's numbers Tc=fc=10.5 Ta 70, ch 300, cya 50, ph 7.5 I brush daily or every other day, and we've had 3 weeks of windy weather. The top of the water has a white dust-like film on top in addition to leaves. When I brush, I lift up a normal amount of algae in certain stops. I do lift up...
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    extremely low pressure reading on my cartridge filter

    Happy NY Forum I hate to ask something that might have such an obvious response, but I will attempt it with the hope that I might be wrong. My filter pressure reading is extremely low, 1 or 2 psi, when I have the pump running with the dedicated vacuum valve fully open. If I turn the main drain...
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    Diamondbrite streaking- is it normal

    Hello My pool was resurfaced with Diamondbrite in October of last year, and I've noticed some streaks right under the tile line. In the jacuzzi bench step, I've also noticed some blotching. I asked the company that did the job, and they replied that it is normal for diamondbrite to do that; they...
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    water just doesn't want to clear up

    Good morning I have been testing my water daily since it has a cloudiness that just won't go away. I brush and clean leaves daily, and with every brush I lift up a noticeable amount of algae - specially from the deep end and flat surfaces (stairs and bench); however, I see algae in that small...
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    Cya testing and reading.. Your thoughts please

    Good morning I did a cya test this morning using this recommended method, with the sun on my back: 1. Fill the thin cylinder to 100 and look down into it. 2. Look away and fill to 90 and look down at it. Etc, etc until the dot is out of sight. Of course, this is the difficult and subjective...
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    Question about return pressure from pool spa jets

    Hello My 16x30 pool has 6 return lines: 2 on opposite ends and 4 at the "spa" side bench. The spa returns also receive air from a blower. The side bench area doesn't receive that much water circulation (my perception), so on occasion, I've opened up the valve for the spa returns and closed the...
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    help me help my brother with his pool. Please

    Hello I visited my brother's house 2 days ago, and his pool is looking greenish. I asked how he tests, and he does his own testing. But, he never tests CYA for some reason - a mistake, I know. So today, I went over, and he asked me to bring my tft test kit. Upon arrival, he told me that he...
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    cloudy water with good number. help please

    good morning fc 12, ta 80, CH 725, ph 7.8, CYA 40 I don't see algae anywhere, my filter is at good pressure, but the water is hazy; it hasn't rained in a week or so. EDIT... I was mistaken. I just brushed a decent amount of algae from the deep end and near the light. Darn. Do I need to Slam...