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    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    That's correct - he had sent me the link, and I did not see the model number only the name, but I see it now. Is that a good choice? Is $600 for an upgrade from easy touch w/ screenlogic to intellicenter a fair price? Thanks for all your help.
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    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    It is the intelliflow vsf pump. CCP520 filter confirmed.
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    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    Thanks! He responded with the following. Pentair equipment 3 years warranty microbrite LED color lights 12 v intelliflow variable speed Cartridge filter 520 Max Temp natural gas heater 400k btu I read your links (very helpful!) and it seems the cartridge filter and heater should be...
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    New Pool Build - Houston, TX

    Hello, we are building a pool. Below is what we received from our builder. Pool Specifications: Perimeter: 100 Area: 600’ Size: 20’ x 30’ Depth 3 1/2’x 4 ½ x 6 ½ Gallon: 18,500 Structure...
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    New geometric build - The Woodlands, TX

    I have a similar pool design in mind, can you tell me what the dimensions are for yours?