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    Hayward Heat pump switch

    I have a Hayward SumXL140 heat pump. The main power switch on the front of the unit is stuck and will not move to turn off and on. Is it hard to replace? I have moderate mechanical skills (I can assemble most Ikea items without swearing or bloodshed). Is it something I should try to do?
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    Ethanol vs propylene glycol antifreeze

    Does anyone have experience with ethanol-based antifreeze? I have been using propylene glycol-based in the past and have had some issues with high chlorine demand on startup.
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    Isaias recovery

    I would like to thank all the forum and pool school experts over the years for their great advice which helped us recover from the hurricane quickly.. We lost power for seven days and there was a lot of debris and dirt blown into our pool. After years of lugging jugs of liquid hypochlorite we...
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    Weighing water samples

    I realize that many tests have some variation, but when comparing results, especially when looking for trends, reducing some of that variability would be a good thing. Reading sample volume by eye is one source of variability. I have a small pocket scale (200 gm, 0.01 gm readout) that I use to...
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    Borax shortage

    I can't find boxes of borax at any of my local stores. Is there a shortage?
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    Filter bypass problem?

    I just opened a slightly green pool and am slamming it. After I bump the hayward ec-75 filter there is a dark green flow coming out of the return jets into the pool for a short time, then it goes clear. What could cause this? The filter is 25 years old. Time to get a new one?
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    poly quat 60 in borate pool

    I just opened my pool this week. The water is clear: pH: 7.6 FC: 7 CC: 0 CYA: 40 Borate: 50 CH: 70 (vinyl pool) TA: 90 Temp: 53F (won't be going in any time soon) Should I add poly quat? If so, how much and how often? Should I worry about the TA being too high? Last year the pH never drifted...
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    Balancing water in spring opening

    I'll be opening my pool in a couple of months and wonder if there is an optimal order for adjustments? (pH, TA, CYA, etc). I'm going to be adding boric acid for the first time this year. Water at the end of last year was (I expect lower readings this spring because of drawdown and rain and snow...
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    CYA standard

    What is the shelf life of the 50 ppm CYA standard? More specifically, would the standard I bought spring 2015 still be reliable?
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    CC test

    It seems that my water always turns a very faint pink after adding reagent R0003 that clears after adding one drop of R0871. Does this mean I always have a very low level of CC, or is this normal?
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    pump sucking air

    I was having problems with low flow and air sucking into my hayward superpump. My trusted pool guy found the pump impeller was fouled with debris, cleaned it out, problem solved.
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    CYA test idea

    Any thoughts on this? I have a lot of trouble with the CYA test, do I see the dot, or not. I get good results with a slight modification: Prepare the test solution as usual, but before putting the drops of the mix into the tube, place the tube on the taylor stirrer with the light switched on...
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    Calcium hardness and swimmer comfort

    I've read on this forum that CH levels (unless too high) are not so important for vinyl pools. Having said that, is there an optimal range for swimmer comfort? If levels are too low does the water feel too 'soft'? If levels are too high does the water feel too 'hard'? CH in my pool is 100 ppm.
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    I'm a retired high school chemistry teacher in Brookfield Connecticut. We have a 20 year old 21x41 in ground vinyl pool with a hayward pump and de filter and an aqua comfort heat pump. I've been getting away from the pool store analysis and recommendations for a while and am happy to have found...
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    Heat pump readout

    The temperature readout of my aqua comfort mbp-125 is 15 deg F lower than the actual water temperature. Any ideas how to fix it (or just live with the difference)?