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  1. J

    Multi port valve issue

    Hi, We ordered a new multi port valve because it's leaking water out of the backwash port. If the pump is on low speed, the filter is making a gurgling sound and sending a lot of air through the return lines. Will it hurt the pump to run on low speed with the filter gurgling and sending air...
  2. J

    Question about pH when closing pool

    Hi All, I am closing my pool and just wanted to check on something. I got the chlorine up to SLAM level yesterday. Today I went to check FC and get ready to close it. When I checked the pH it was 8.2 or even a little higher. The pH was 7.6 before. So I was wondering if adding all that chlorine...
  3. J

    Low TA question

    I have been checking my FC everyday but not checking my pH as often because it had been running at 7.4-7.5 everytime I checked it. So today I finally did a TA test to see where it was at since the pH hasn't been rising. It came in at TA 50. I have not had to add any acid at all and love it...
  4. J

    Question about FC level and winter cover

    Is it okay to put the winter cover on with the FC level still at SLAM level of 20? Will it hurt anything or just drift down like when not covered, just slower? Thank you, Sherry
  5. J

    Changing speeds on pump

    Hi. I was just wondering if you are supposed to turn the pump off to change speeds. Or can you just use the toggle switch on the pump to change speeds while it is running? Thank you, Sherry
  6. J

    Pump decision help needed

    Last year we replaced the pump motor. This year it looks like the pump itself is going to need to be replaced. My husband has called around asking about a replacement and I wanted him to check on a dual speed to save money on electric. One of the pool companies around here told him "You don't...
  7. J

    Oops...too much chlorine

    Hi All, We opened our pool last week and it was nice and clear. Been adding chlorine (liquid chlorine) since opening. Last night about 6 pm I added enough to get to FC of 7. Checked it tonight about 5:30 p.m. and it read FC 2 and CC of 1. Since the chlorine was too low and the CC was reading...
  8. J

    Pool reel suggestions or advice

    Hi. Time for a new reel for the solar cover. Have had ours for 22 years and it finally needs to be replaced. Was thinking about getting parts and replacing but seems almost as much as to buy a new one. Thinking of going with the same brand (Odyssey) since it lasted so long. But, as with...
  9. J

    Need new winter cover

    Not sure where to post this. Maybe you guys can help me. I need a new winter cover. The one we had last year was a piece of junk and tore out in all the corners. We did have a lot more snow that stayed around longer than normal last year. So it was much heavier than normal with all the snow. So...
  10. J

    Chlorine and Muriatic acid

    Can I use the same measuring cup to add them to my pool as long as I rinse out the measuring cup between the bleach and the acid first? Thanks Sherry
  11. J

    Survey for FC usage in very hot climate with sun on pool all day

    I am using what I feel is excessive amounts of FC each day. I am using between 3.5 to 5.0 ppm a day. We are in a very hot, dry climate and our pool is in sun from sunrise to sunset. Just curious if others are experiencing anything along these lines without any algae problems popping up. My...
  12. J


    Hi all, Just want to make sure of something. I did an OCLT last night and this morning it tested at a loss of 1. Is that okay or does it have to be under one? Thanks. Sherry
  13. J

    PH rising

    Hi All, Just checking before I add anything to my sparklie pool. :) My Ph has slowly been rising. The dates and numbers are below: 6/20 7.5 6/27 7.6 6/29 7.8 7/6 8.1 And here are my other numbers: FC 6.5 CC 0 TA 80 this is where we started the season so no change here...
  14. J

    CYA notes and results

    I hope it's okay to post this here. I am working on my CYA because it seems like I'm losing more FC than last year. I just got my new pump motor running so that kind of set me back. But it's all back to normal now so getting back to it. When I first checked my CYA it looked like 30. A few days...
  15. J

    5th day without a pump...broken

    Well, hopefully the new pump motor will be here on Wednesday. In the meantime, if this would have happened before I switched to the TFP method, we would be freaking out! I'm hoping I can keep the water clear until the new motor is installed. Just been adding bleach and stirring it up with the...
  16. J

    Pump burned out?

    Our pump quit working the day before yesterday. I told my husband and he went out the next day and it was magically working again. Yea! Then later that day it stopped again and has not come back on. Anyway, I need a little (lot) of help! I need to know a good pump to buy and I think ours is a...
  17. J

    Question on CC reading

    Hi all, Good to be back for the summer! I was just wondering about a CC reading of 1. This morning at 11:00 a.m. I checked and my numbers were: FC 2 CC 1 TC 3 CYA 40 PH 7.5 CH 100 TA 80 So I added my bleach to get my FC up to 6 and checked it again at 1:10 p.m. and it was up to...
  18. J

    ordering TF-100 refills

    Hi all, I am ordering some refills and was wondering if their is a dropper I can buy to get water from the pool so it's measured correctly each time. The one I saw said it was only for the Taylor Calibrated Cylinders. Also, any discount codes? ;) Thanks! Sherry
  19. J

    CYA reading method

    Hi all, I am getting my CYA up after a new liner installation and have a question about reading the number. I noticed when you hold the tube at the top with your fingers, the reading is higher. The dot disappears sooner. But if you cup your whole hand around the tube like my husband does, you...
  20. J

    New Liner and fresh water

    Hi Everyone, We had a new liner installed on the 7th and now we need to get the water balanced. My husband has already started to put things in the water. So I will tell you where we are at so far. He put in 4 lbs of cyanuric acid in to get some CYA in the water. He used the sock method...
  21. J

    Help with adding chemicals after huge water loss

    Hi All, We have a small leak and are going to have our liner replaced. In the mean time, over winter, we lost a ton of water. It's a slow leak, but added up over the winter to quite a water loss. So we are basically starting from pretty new water. Didn't want to add a bunch of chemicals if...
  22. J

    Please post photos of your liners to help me decide!

    Okay. I think we have decided against the tan liners. Just too nervous to spend the money and not be sure. So if anyone can post your photos of blue vinyl liners, it would be so helpful and much appreciated! This decision is just driving me crazy. I've spent so much time online trying to...
  23. J

    Going crazy choosing new liner!

    Hi all. We are getting a new liner for our in ground pool. I am having the hardest time trying to choose a liner. The choices are from Pacific and Plastimayd. I am interested in the tan liners but am a little scared to take that leap. And if we get blue my husband wants a darker blue than...
  24. J

    Questions about a leak

    We have been losing too much water for the water loss to just be from evaporation. The temps here have been in the 100's for most of the summer, but it still seemed excessive. So I did the bucket test and it showed we are losing too much. So I went around investigating and found this leak...
  25. J

    Pool will not hold chlorine

    Hi. My name is Bill. I have been reading around your site and just registered and decided to become a lifetime member. I also just ordered the TF-100 test kit today. My pool will not hold chlorine. I just got back from the pool store and here are the readings they gave me. I am getting very...