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    Low TA, continually rising pH

    Hi all, 15k gallon non-salt water pool. My TA was low 4 weeks ago (30) so I added 16lbs of baking soda. The pH kept rising to 8+ super fast after that so I kept adding muriatic acid to bring it back down. Today I tested my TA again and it's only 47, so I added 4lbs baking soda. My pH is rising...
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    Pentair EasyTouch clock setting issue

    Hi all, Before I went on vacation, my pentair easytouch wireless remote transceiver went out so I changed it out and it resolved the issue. While on vacation, we had some power outages. Now that I'm back, my clock is permanently set to 12:00 in the year 2000. When I try to set the clock via...
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    Pentair - EC-522104 - Interface for Mobile Devices

    Hi all, I'm a little confused by the EC-522104 that I just bought and received. It shows on the diagram that it needs a CAT 5 running from it to my wireless router. If so, that means I need to run a CAT5 from my easytouch panel to a network jack which isn't going to be fun. When I ordered it...
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    Pentair Easytouch remote not working

    Hi all, My easytouch remote is suddenly not talking. I already tried re-pairing it but it's not. I took off the cover and NONE of the led's are lit or flashing (not even power). What next?
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    pH keeps climbing faster than normal

    Hi all. My pH seems to be climbing pretty aggressively lately. Is it most likely due to the fountains running more due to the freezing temps going here in Houston?
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    Pentair control panel aux

    Hi all, I have a Pentair control panel and just installed a Stenner liquid chlorine pump. I temporarily have an outdoor timer plugged in but it only has 1 hour increments, so I need to hurry and get it wired into my Pentair panel so I can adjust the start and stop time. I know I need to add an...
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    Taylor kit refills

    I have a k-2006 kit and all of the test solutions are expired and some are running out. Is it cheaper to just buy a whole new kit or buy the individual chemicals to refill the kit I already have? The refills on Amazon are big amounts. Is it to just buy refills directly from Taylor?
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    High CYA

    1st, I have a stenner pump, I just haven’t installed it yet. In the meantime I’m paying a company to maintain my pool :/. Ya, it’s a waste. So today he let me know my CYA is too high and has been for awhile and he’s not been able to bring it down so he’s recommending not only draining it but...
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    Pump speeds and run times

    I’m in Houston TX. I think I need to review my pentair variable speed pump run times and speeds. My electric bill is higher than I’d like. Question: during the cold months what length of times and what RPMs should I have during filteration, vacuum, and high speed? Pool is 14000 gallon puck...
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    Pucks vs Liquid

    I had my ~13500 gallon pool built over a year ago, and I asked them if they could install a liquid chlorinator but it wasn't an option (they're all Pentair and had to do a Pentair rainbow puck feeder). Now i'm having problems getting the pucks to dissolve. The only way I can seem to get them...
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    Pump speed help

    I have a pentair intelliflo variable speed 3hp pump here in Houston TX. My electric bill is high because a pool maintence guy sped up the pump because my rainbow 320 wasn’t dissolving pucks quickly enough to bring my chlorine up. I just changed out my filters and the pump is definitely running...
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    Chlorine puck feeder questions

    Hello all, Our last pool had a SWG, our new pool has a Pentair 320 chlorine puck feeder. Question - How many pucks should I fill it with? Should I fill it all the way to the top? Some videos say to put 2 or 3 pucks in. Wouldn't it be easier maintenance to fill it and just top it off every...
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    Just added borates - 2 questions

    Hi all, I just put 12 64oz boxes of Mule Team and 3 gallons of 13% muriatic acid in my 13,500 gallon non SWG pool. Two questions: How soon after adding is it safe to swim? Will the borates affect clothing any differently than without borates? TIA
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    Outdoor kitchen framing materials

    Hi all, Have been talking to various builders, and some swear by steel, some swear by cinder blocks, and one tonight swore by using wood for the framing for my outdoor kitchen (with proper hardiboard, Tyvek, etc). Is wood a code acceptable thing to use on an ODK? He insists his kitchens pass...
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    Getting bids in Cypress, TX - have questions

    Hello all, We're getting bids and feel like we're about ready to make some final decisions. Pool swim area will be 16x32 rectangle, roughly 132' perimeter. Have a few questions: PB #1 is offering 340 sq ft filter for 504 sq ft of pool space. Doesn't seem to add up? Shouldn't the pool filter...
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    Stenner comment from one builder?

    Hi all, Getting our bids in Cypress, TX and we're asking the builders if they can put in a Stenner chlorine pump. One builder said the following "That particular chlorine pump can be problematic if not monitored correctly. We are preparing to renovate a clients’ pool that wound up with...
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    Gathering bids in Cypress, TX

    Hi all, Built a pool 8 years ago with Anthony Sylvan, and we're building and moving and will close in ~2 months in Cypress. Here's the current list I've narrowed down my PBs to for quotes. Any I should add/remove? Also do you find that PBs quotes are pretty set and non-negotiable? I've...