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    Help me win this plumbing setup debate

    So as I near completion of my renovation the equipment has finally come in and been set, with the plumbing completed. We have two pumps, one is the filter/heater/SWCG, the other runs the in floor (which was already there prior to the reno and I was talked into updating/expanding it) and...
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    Salt and steel

    Hi there, so I am in the process of finalizing our spa design, and have been talking spillovers with our builder. We are going to have a fairly wide, 5-6 ft spillover, which sort of reduces our options to a stone slab, or a copper/steel spillover. Talking with the copper/steel company, I...
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    Tulsa, OK renovation underway, gunite/pergola in, tile in prog!

    We have finally started making some headway on our 1993 pool/backyard renovation and I figured it was time to start documenting things. General plan is 1. Fill in the old non functioning spa, take down the wall between it and the pool and turn it into a ledge with a bubbler or two, put a new...
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    How do you clean your attached spa

    Just curious, for all of You with Gunite spas and pool robots, how do you clean them? Manual vac, battery vacuum, a broom, net, and time? Mine is a pain in the rear to keep clean even using a battery vacuum. Granted mine is from the 90’s and has no spillover to send most stuff into the pool, but...
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    1993 renovation Tulsa, OK, seeking input!

    Well I've been creeping around these build threads long enough, I figure its about time to update this old tub. Would appreciate any input with the design we are working with. This is just concept, we haven't completely worked out how to actually execute any of this. Meeting with the builder in...
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    Infloor system as only return conundrums

    So I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head to reduce the amount of time I have to spend manually skimming the small debris/pollen off the surface, as my skimmers don’t seem to cut it. I have an 18x36 pool with 2 skimmers, a main drain, and an attached spa with its own skimmer and returns. Only...
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    How necessary is automation for SWCG?

    Debating switching to a salt system. I have an intelliflo pump but no automation at this time as the setup is pretty simple (no spa or water features). I have eventual plans to restore/replace the spa and future water features, so I would probably get an intellicenter down the line to go with...
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    Persistent suction after turning pump off

    Hoping someone can clarify this issue for me. New pool owner as of 9 months ago. Bought an intelliflo VSF pump after getting my first electric bill with a 3.5HP pump running 24/7. Pretty funny seeing that bill drop 120 bucks a month off the bat. Whenever I open the pump cover to clean out the...
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    New pump options with in floor system

    So I have a 3.45 HP single speed pump at a house I have purchased recently, for a roughly 35k gallon pool with attached spa. Previous owners ran it 24/7. Did the math and thats somewhere around 180ish bucks a month. Tried to set the timer to run it less, found out the timer motor is burned out...
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    Pool amateur, seeking help!

    Hello all, I have recently purchased a home with a 17x36 ft gunite IG pool I am ballparking around 35k gallons (old school diving deep end) and I could use some advice in a few areas. We closed on the 10th of June, and the pool has not been serviced since then. I had the pool looked at by a...
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    Greetings from Tulsa!

    Hello everyone, new owner of an overly large 90's pool in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Have a number of questions so I'll just save those for the other forum.