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    Weight to Volume Conversion - Borax

    Anyone know with any certainty what the approximate weight to volume conversion is for Borax? My PH has always been very steady, but recently has been dropping slowly... presumably due to limited use (new boat), and thus little aeration... so I plan to adjust with Borax to get it back into...
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    Non-Winter, Non-Solar Basic Cover?

    It sounded simple.... but is proving not to be. All I want is a simple pull over cover for my 18' above ground pool like the one we used to have on our Intex, that I could use in the summer in advance of heavy winds, etc., when the surrounding trees drop a lot of debri in it. Otherwise, I use...
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    First Opening on This Pool... Great Results!

    Last weekend I removed the cover of my pool, reconnected the filter, heater, etc., and brought the water level back up to where it belongs. I am happy to report that I must have done everything correctly last fall, because it’s still very clear and the initial test results are well within...
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    Weekend pool... "Over dosing Chlorine" on Sundays?

    Backstory.... I work alot. Often late. Add to that kids school, activities, etc., and our pool is basically a weekend thing. We almost never use it mid-week. In that scenario, is there any harm in over elevating FC levels Sunday night and allowing it to trickle down through the week vs...
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    Recommend a Pool Cover? 18-FT Above Ground

    Looking for a good quality winter pool cover. Any recommendations?
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    Assistance with balancing....?

    New to this forum and would appreciate input on helping return my water to balance… Prior to this year, I had a 5200 gal polygroup pool that I’d take down every winter. Never had an issue balancing. This year, it started off the same after installing a new 7600 gal above ground pool that I...