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    My SWG Maybe Undersized

    I am really enjoying testing and care ans maybe a bit weird. But still working on getting my numbers aligned and my PH is almost always 8.2. I currently have my SWG set at 83% are they designed to run at 100 all the time? Numbers are getting better just ph always high. And thanks in advanced!
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    Getting hang of app but CH is low always any suggestions

    I have a Pebbletec pool and I have been told that I need to keep CH up but I hardly get it at 150. I am love the kit and app but still struggling with this. I want to thank everyone because you have made this journey fun. I'm attaching pic of numbers and all for today any input would be...
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    Just got TFP Pro Kit and need assistance on care

    Hello everyone I have a Pebbletech/(plaster) pool with SWG (I just fixed). Here are the results my son help me get (TA and CYA he did) free Chlorine .5ppm Combined chloramines .5ppm =1 TC Calcium Hardiness Test - 0 Total Alkalinity 310 CYA 30 PH 8.2 CL 0? Water is clear, any...
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    SWG not working on iAqualink

    Found issue
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    New Pool New Memories

    Hey guys as stated joined this site because of a great friend recommendation. Was working today and needed a sample haven't got kit yet ans sent my wife. She is on way home with 600lbs of salt lol. Here are readings: Free Chlorine 0.12 Total Chlorine 0.12 P.H 8.1 Total Alkalinity 97...
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    New Pool Skimmers not skimming

    Hello everyone this site came highly recommended from a good friend. I have two pool skimmers in our pool that aren't doing anything. I've looked at videos and seen the skimmer plumbing has two holes one for main drain and skimmer drain/pump. Is this true because I checked mine and I only...