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    Need help to understand my pool plumbing

    I want to make sure i have everything right as i refill DE to restart pool. The pipes are not labelled and i just wanted to get an idea if i have it right before restarting the pool
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    New pool pump motor leaking between seal plate and motor

    My new pool pump motor is leaking between the seal plate and motor. Pump is a pacfab challenger and motor is a century 1.5hp. I have tried to upload a video but i couldn't, so i put it on YouTube. The link is below
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    New century 2hp will not come on

    I am having issues with my pump. My first pump (ecotech VS) went bad while trying to refill DE into my pool, which was just refilled after a pressure wash. It showed "high amps" on the display and there was a pop and it won't turn back , just a flashing green light. I purchased a 2hp century...
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    Need help labelling pipes

    I am in need of help labeling my pipes. I will be manually vacuuming pool as my dolphin has packed up, until i to get a replacement. I have no idea what runs what and i don't want to damage anything. Last owner never labeled
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    Ecotech VS pump issue

    Hi i need some help with my pump. I drained out, cleaned and refilled my pool. Pump was working fine and has air pocket by basket. I opened the basket to add water and close it back. Restart the pump and SVRS light comes on and AMPS TOO HIGH. I cut it off wait 10mins and cut it back on and i...
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    Ecotech EZ VS pump issue - flashing green run/stop

    I have been using my ecotech a little over a year. Last winter it stopped coming on and i assumed it was a bad bq220220 fuse. I recently just opened the pool and put in a new fuse and all that happens is the run/stop keeps flashing green, nothing else on the pump works. I read on here that it...