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    How to fix this leak?

    I all, I have a small leak in my spa main drain right between the threads and the pipe, can I use silicone or should I use pool putty, I have both at home, not looking forward to removing the main drain.
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    One of four venturi jets clogged, need help

    Hi all, Following a pool remodel from heck where we redid the spa plumbing, one of the four new venturi jets doesn't return water. Seems to be clogged, now I'm not sure if this was plumbed originally and it was clogged prior to the remodel and the PB just extended the lines or of this line is...
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    Connecting Easy Touch PSL4 to Junction Box wirelessly

    So, weird question, I have my automation and equipment pad on one side of the house but the junction box for the lights are on the other side of the house, not sure why the original builder back 30 years ago decided to split the junction box from the equipment pad but they did. I can't run a...
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    Any programs to calculate area of deck?

    Hi all, anyone knows a quick software that could allow me to calculate the size of my deck for quote on pavers. This is from my survey drawn to scale, from my estimate I have 1400sq/ft. Thanks!
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    Jandy Jxi - Display Off

    Hey all, we're currently remodeling our pool, and the regular pump has been disconnected for a while. Yesterday I decided to turn on the breakers because we're very close to replumbing phase and noticed that on the heater the display is OFF. I rechecked the wire with a multi meter, I do have...
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    Wiring EasyTouch to Jandy JXi Heater

    Hi all, I'm hooking up a Jandy JXi gas heater to my EasyTouch automation, the heater is powering on with no problems, but I want to hook it up to my Pentair Easytouch so that I can control it from there. The Jandy is replacing an old Pentair heater that used this low voltage wire: The Jandy...
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    Pool #2 remodeling -- completed

    Built my first pool a few months ago, then moved and I now own this pool with a leak and really old plaster and rocks. We want to remodel it, a friend of a friend has a remodeling company and looking for quotes. Only in pavers we have 1600sq/f, if we were to add pavers we're looking at around...
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    How to fix this suction side air leak?

    Hello all, I'm trying to figure out how to fix this air leak that I have. Air is coming in right where I pointed this arrow. Don't want to add silicone or anything, is this a bad o ring somewhere? This pump is a few months old, I did move it from one house to another already. Thanks!
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    Trying to figure out what gas regulator to get.

    Hi all, Weird question, I'm back and trying to set up my "new" pool. We moved into the new house, the previous owner had a 500-gallon propane tank buried in the backyard. A gas contractor stopped by and said the tank is in full working order, however, he doesn't do the installation. The tank at...
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    Should I reconfigure all these pipes?

    Hello, just bought a house with a pool and spa and this is the configuration it has. I brought my own Pentair pump and automation and paid a plumber and electrician to hook it all up. They didn't reconfigure any of the pipes, it was a one to one replacement. Questions: 1. Would it be...
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    French Patter Dilema (am I being dramatic?)

    So I'm getting my travertine installed, we opted for the french pattern. The installer showed me pictures of the installation he did where he didn't quite follow the traditional french patter, but instead, he staggered the stones so in the end, it looks "random but also diagonal". I liked it and...
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    Normal Drain vs Deck o Drain Janitor vs Removalable Deck Drain

    Hi, in the process of building our pool. We have a concrete deck, a friend of mine just spent the memorial day weekend replacing his 10-year-old deckodrain, he suggested into looking at getting a drain with a removable cover. PB said it would cost about $300-400 extra for 40 feet. Reading the...
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    Pentair Sta Rite Well Pump Leaking

    Hi guys! My house came with this old pump for sprinklers. Now that Im doing the pool Im teying to fix my sprinklers because they never come on. I noticed that the pump is broken, including the thread. The pipe is not broken but the actual pump. is there an easy fix? Flex seal???
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    Changing main electrical meter box.

    Electrician said I have to switch out this box because it is rotten (won't pass inspection) and I don't have space for my heater and pump. I couldn't really understand what he was talking about since I have no knowledge of electrical, can someone share some insights of what I need here?
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    New pool build in South Florida .. finally! [Tons of pics]

    Hi guys, Its been a long time coming for this moment, we spent about a year researching, getting quotes and finally we pulled the trigger. We were looking into pool builder vs owner build, we found that with my non-existing construction experience going OB would be a PITA. I interviewed all the...
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    Dedicated vacuum line needed?

    Going through our PB quote, its listing a "Dedicated vacuum line w/ safety lock "line-only" (located midway in pool)". This is going to be our first pool, so not really sure if we can just get away from having it and replace it with a robot, does a robot need a vacuum line or does it operate on...
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    Critique this PB Quote - Thanks!

    Hi, After few weeks of going back and forth this looks to be really close to what we're looking for, please critique or if you see a red flag I'm not seeing, please let me know.
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    Retaining wall requirements - Do I need one?

    I've met with a few PB around my area, considered doing OB, but I simply don't have the time, confidence and knowledge to go OB. We interviewed a few PB two companies came out to my properties to look at my yard and neither mentioned a retaining wall. The one PB (highly rated around our area) we...
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    OB Equipment List Details (valves, drains, etc)

    Hi everyone, I'm still planning my OB pool. I'm running into a roadblock, I'm having a hard time trying to finalize the details such as the main drain cover, the valves, deck main drainage. Are typical plumbers carrying those items with them and they assume they will add them? Or am I...
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    Please critique my equipment list

    Hello all, I'm in the process of planning an OB pool in Florida. It will be an L shaped 19 X 28 - 93 Line - ~ 13500 gallons. Sun shelf Two bubblers I came up with this, please let me know if I should change anything or, most importantly, if I'm missing anything such as housing for the...
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    Owner Build VS GC [How much is the time investment?]

    Hi guys I know this topic has been beaten to death here on TFP, but I couldn't find anything specific on the amount of time one needs to spend when going OB. So here is my story, I have three ways I could build my pool in Florida, however it sounds like Florida is not as easy to get subs to do...
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    Possible Owner Build in South Florida.

    Hi everyone, I'm in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale), I've been reading this forum and other sites about OB pool. I got quotes from the big pool companies in my area and I want to at least dig deeper into building it myself. I've had decided (and my wife thinks I'm crazy) to go Owner Build. I...