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    CSI - ??

    Below are my latest test results... What is causing my larger negative CSI number? Trying to figure out what I need to do to keep it balanced? ========================================== Farley Pool ------------------------------------------ Build Type: Plaster...
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    New Pool - Filling today

    So at a CYA of 70, what should my FC be??
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    New Pool - Filling today

    Thank you for the quick response ... I have a waterfall and a soda spillover... I've read that raises TA... Anything I need to be concerned about with that?
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    New Pool - Filling today

    I have the pool officially from the builder and time to make adjustments... I've been trying to dial in the FC number with the SWCG... What do I need to do from here? Anything to add right away or tweak? Here are my test results ========================================== Farley Pool...
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    Calcium Build up? How to remove

    We have had our pool now for 45 days and our loving it. The pool builder has been maintaining it up until now and I'm just beginning my process with TFP moving forward.. however, there is what I think is calcium scaling underneath our waterfall.. how should I be cleaning this??
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    New Pool - Filling today

    I've been reading and studying up on everything TFP and have my test kit ready.. having said that the pool is being filled today (pebble finish) and the pool builder will maintain it for the first 30 days and then turn over and add salt at that point... Is there anything I should do on my...
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    Pool Equipment Spa / Pool / Spill Over

    I've been reading a ton of forum posts on here as we were looking to build and throughout our build. We are within about 2 weeks of finishing and finally getting water in the pool. Today talking with the Pool Builder, I asked if the pool could be run seperately from the spa. He told me that...
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    New to pools - test kit

    I'm about to start my new pool build. It will be a wet Edge Pebble pool with a swcg. Do I just need the TF 100 kit or do I need the pro salt bundle I don't understand the differences?
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    Wet Edge Signature Matrix feel

    Any idea why this would be this way?
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    Wet Edge Signature Matrix feel

    Thanks, I'm completely ok with the look and feel of the sample and texture. Just making sure my kids playing for hours a day won't be tearing up there feet...
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    Wet Edge Signature Matrix feel

    I have searched this forum repeatedly, and I'm still unsure. For those who have signature matrix installed, how are you enjoying it, is it rough on the feet or is it perfect for what you want?? I'm looking at the signature matrix cadet blue for our pool build that starts in 2 weeks... Thanks,