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    Aquabot Fury Li'l Bravo propeller spins but robot doesn't move

    Is the main motor shot? There was some shmutz around the tread/axles, but after clearing it out, still no movement.
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    SALT READS "0" and won't reset!

    Aqua-Rite 940T less than a year old. We've had a lot of rain but as of 4 days ago or so there was 3800ppm salt. The display has always read below what the drop tests indicate. But yesterday it read 700, then 400, and now today 0. What could be wrong?
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    small drip out the backwash pipe

    Pentair multiport valve, old. I noticed during startup I tried to use the recirculate function (I rarely used this in the past but converted to SWG last summer and they say get the water close before turning it on)--and I got a small stream of water out the backwash pipe. So I didn't...
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    Low Pressure reading; also low salt reading

    They may be related? Pump and Skimmer baskets clear--no bubbles out of the return--I do the pressure gauge rotate--water comes out in about 1 second. Shut off the main drain still low pressure. There is a small occasional drip from the backwash line. Aqua-Rite salt level reads...
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    Extremely High Salt Reading on Aqua-Rite 940 system

    19k gallon vinyl SWG pool; Pentair DE 3.6, 1.5hp pump I was getting low salt readings the day after I started the nearly-new SWG system (installed last July). Before I started I removed the cell and cleaned it (it didn't need it, it looked brand new but I still gently used cable ties and...
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    Just got a new SWG--Aqua Rite 900. It was a "surprise"

    Pool company didn't get back to me after he made an estimate (acceptable btw) and showed up and did the work. I am reading the manual but I have questions. Now that I have an SWG where do I keep my FC? I used to keep it 3-5, up it by 10 for shock or SLAM. I have an approx. 19k gallon pool got a...
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    What size/capacity SWG for 19k gal pool?

    I have an approx. 19,000 gal IG vinyl 16'x32' pool. I want to switch to SWG, mainly because bleach is getting hard to find. One pool company is giving me two estimates, one that includes a recommended 40k gal SWG. The lady said to have the extra capacity will lengthen the life of the unit, as it...
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    Funny CYA and FC reading.

    I decided on liquid stabilizer and poured in two gallons (roughly 20k gallon vinyl IG pool). I'm supposed to get 32ppm out of that, but it's reading less than that, between 20 and 25. I also put in three bags of 65% avail cal hypo (can't find bleach) and a day later I'm getting a FC reading of...
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    Can a bad pump blow the circuit breaker?

    Had air in the lines, pump would lose prime. Pump would make screechy sounds till it primed. Did some research, got an O-ring for the basket, which seemed to work perfectly, pump was smooth. Came out this morning to backwash and pump not on. Circuit breaker popped. Pushed it in, turned on the...
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    Recommendations needed DC/MD area reputable repair company (vinyl liner IG pool)

    I live in PG County MD, about 15 miles east of Washington DC. I have a vinyl liner that needs rehanging (there's water behind it). I would like to have this done fast if at all possible. I believe my regular guy has become over-extended because I don't believe he did a good job with the liner...
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    Bad cover install?

    Hello: We had a cover replaced and the new one droops badly. It's a heavier mesh (duro-mesh maybe?) than the previous one. It's supposed to not let light in, or enough to make stuff grow. We'll find out very soon. Anyway the installer said he could tighten the buckles, but this thing is...
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    Water behind brand new liner

    Brand new liner installed, and there are wrinkles. On the floor and on the sides. The fellow came out and said there's water behind the liner. Now the last liner I got 10 yrs ago the same thing happened but not as badly, and I didn't know any better, so I just lived with it. He said the coping...
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    Loop-Loc or Merlin cover?

    It's time for a new cover. We have a Merlin mesh cover, it's now about 15 years old, and needs replacing. Too many seams undone and bird holes to repair. Loop Loc supposedly has a solid cover with mesh sections so water still drains in and doesn't collect on the cover. Merlin supposedly has a...
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    Backwash hose and reel?

    I don't have a pump house. The filter and pump sit outside my shed. There's a concrete area for it all and I lay the hose in layers, always have. And it's fine, I guess, but now after 10 years or so, I need a new hose. I believe I know not to buy the cheap one. But I think I'd like to keep it...
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    Main Drain issue

    Hello: I have a skimmer and a main drain, and one return line (another return had been abandoned before we took ownership 13 yrs ago). I have a pent air DE filter, with the pressure gauge on top, that you can bleed the air out of by twisting the cap underneath the gauge. At the pump there are...
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    Cloudy pool after near-monsoon?

    19k vinyl pool pentair filter sta-rite 3/4 HP pump Pool was fine yesterday (Monday) pre-deluge. Today it's cloudy. The CL was about 0, I went to do a test and a scoop didn't even turn the 10ml water pink. I've done enough of these tests to know there was max .5ppm. I do a container of bleach...
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    For those with MESH covers...EUREKA!! Open to a clean pool!

    ...and I don't mean opening in March. A guy who works at my pool service place (I use 'em to close, and fix stuff when I cannot, I open myself) told me about this, and it really works. I have stairs on one end, but it works fine if you don't. Prior to putting the cover on for the winter, I...
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    Is any particular robot best for IG vinyl liner pool?

    Hey gang, long time no post! Thanks to this site and it's chemistry set, I'm fairly trouble free! My old aqua-vac robot died, and it's just as well. It actually still works, but not as well as it used to, and it doesn't climb walls, wasn't supposed to. Anyway, I want an aquabot, probably the...
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    liner and coping estimate

    I wanted stone coping but we can't have it w/o total destruction/rebuild of the concrete deck. Not gonna happen, it's at least $15k for not fancy stamped concrete. So the liner's going bad, and I want to get both replaced. Unfortunately, I cannot afford stone coping. The price isn't...
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    Concrete deck: overlay or demo/replace?

    How many of you have had overlays on concrete? Does it last, or does it chip and look worse than before? Our deck is concrete with pressure-treated pine strips in the expansion joints. I'm getting estimates on overlay on Wed, and Thu for a whole remodel (different company) The remodel company...
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    Drop count test results

    When doing a DPD CL test or a TA test, do you take the first number when the color changes initially, or the last number when the color gets more intense in that direction? For example, in the CL test, do you take the number when the pink goes away, or the next drop when it's /really/ clear...
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    Cal Hypo - Bleach equivalents`

    "Ben" said 1 gal bleach = 3/4 lb of shock. But I think that was the old 5.25% solution. I use HTH 60% available chlorine (less stabilizers) What is the ratio of Gallons of bleach to 1 lb bags of cal hypo?
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    What is my pool volume?

    I have bleachcalc (wonderful thing, that!) and it has a volume calc. 16' x 32' IG VINYL 3' to 8'. I emphasized the "VINYL" part because the walls don't go nearly straight down in the deep end. You could easily say the avg. depth is 5.5 ft given the dimensions, but that doesn't count the sloped...
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    Tyrone Shuz

    Hello all! Now I'm a grizzled veteran pool owner (7th season) and found this place after the disappearance of the mythical deity known as "Ben". I don't need much help these days, but still do occasionally. 16' x 32' IG vinyl DE ~18,000 gal hole in my back yard. I play music, and you can...