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    testing CYA with turbidity tester

    You could try making your own if you have decent jewellery scales. 0.1 g CYA in 1 L will give a 100 ppm standard. One problem is the difficulty dissolving the stuff. I have found heating the solution in the microwave helps.
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    Struggling to Keep pH Down (AUS)

    You need to do your own testing! pH and TA change with aeration and acid additions, but CH will only change slowly if water is lost and new water with different CH added. A reduction of 65% in CH without changing your water is impossible. So this points to a problem with testing. But you are not...
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    Tiny white flakes in Pool

    I second TS that the white flakes are calcium salt precipitated out from you SWG cell, and the culprit is your CSI ratio being too high. When I see them in my pool, it is an indication that I become slack in my testing the pH has drifted too high and it's time to test and add acid.
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    Zodiac EI Expert SWG cell (Australia) - how to disassemble

    Thanks for the question. Yes, I removed the cell from the pipework and unscrewed the threaded ring on the end where the wires attach. I was hoping to remove the actual plates from the cell to clean the scaling off physically. As you see in the photos, the electrode assembly slides about an inch...
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    Zodiac EI Expert SWG cell (Australia) - how to disassemble

    So, I got lazy monitoring my pH over winter (new baby in the family had me distracted) and I got a bit of scale in my SWCG cell. It's a Zodiac Ei Expert Mid. I removed the couplings from the pipes and unscrewed the end cap, but could only slide the cell out about an inch and half before the...
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    Chemical Disaster -

    It looks like you are in good hands now and on the way to getting the pool back in balance. I can't help myself doing some theoretical forensic chemistry on the situation. Mods, feel free to move this to the deep end if you feel it is off topic. My guess, like others have suggested is that your...
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    New Start Up

    It sounds like you are all over it. I also would have been concerned with leaving the water at FC=0 for a week. Once you have the hang of things, there will generally be no need to test after adding chemicals, but it can be useful if you aren't sure of your volume, or if there may be algae in...
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    Very high pH damage, does it happen fast?

    I think the "hack" you may be referring to is for doing the pH test at FC>10. High FC reacts with the indicator. Diluting will reduce the FC to allow the indicator to read correctly. Distilled or DI water has a low pH buffering capacity so doesn't affect the pH too much when you dilute it (so...
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    UK SLAM FC level measuring

    I wonder how it would go using the kit in the video and using a 100 mL sample, so that each drop equals 1 ppm. The colour would be lighter and perhaps harder to detect could be a problem.
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    Topping off pool during boil water advisory?

    My quick internet search found a link that says it "takes several days to kill cryptosporidium at normal chlorine levels". It is quicker at higher levels. Not very precise, but if it is going to be weeks before you will swim (because of the cold), I think you should be okay.
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    Is Hyclor 4 in 1 test kit rebranded Taylor kit?

    According to random SDS I found online, pH of 12.5% liquid pool chlorine is 12-13. It will have some influence. I'm too tired to do the maths to see whether it is significant on the scale you are adding. Way to check would be to do the same experiments measuring with a pH meter and with...
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    Is Hyclor 4 in 1 test kit rebranded Taylor kit?

    I am saying that addition of chlorine affects the pH value. Bleach is generally basic, so will raise the pH. This influence is separate from the affect of chlorine on the colour developed by phenol red when testing for pH.
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    Is Hyclor 4 in 1 test kit rebranded Taylor kit?

    You need to remember that your added chlorine can be affecting the pH too regardless of test method.
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    Is Hyclor 4 in 1 test kit rebranded Taylor kit?

    Yeah, the comparators in the Taylor and the Hy-Chlor look the same. The Blue Devil and the Aussie Gold are different, but similar to each other. In the Blue Devil, the DPD comes as a tablet in foil. You pop it in the sample and shake to dissolve and then compare the pink colour. I just use a...
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    Is Hyclor 4 in 1 test kit rebranded Taylor kit?

    I don't think they are exactly the same, but certainly similar. On the HyChlor website, they list replacement DPD tablets Made in Germany. I'm not sure whether the kit is tablet or drop based for the DPD, but Taylor stuff is made in the USA according to their SDSes. There are a variety of 4-in-1...
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    Clear Choice TA titration drops vs 4 in 1 drops?

    Even though you make up your solution with sodium bicarbonate, total alkalinity is expressed in ppm calcium carbonate, so you need to divide by the molecular weight of NaHCO3 (84 g/mol) and multiply by the MW of CaCO3 (100 g/mol) and then (the bit I often forget) divide by 2 (because carbonate...
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    Startup SWG chlorinator salt for new pool

    Cheers. Some more reading (and maybe some experiments to do).
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    Startup SWG chlorinator salt for new pool

    This may be off-topic and better suited to the deep end, but do you have any references for this? Reading this thread spiked my memory and I dug out of collected literature to reread this paper on Interference in Melamine–based Determination of Cyanuric Acid Concentration by Doug Latta. He...
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    Finally switching over to TFP Method

    I would get chlorine in there straight away to at least stop the algae growing further. Cold water can affect the CYA test. It would underestimate the result, as the white suspension is slower to form. So we don't know how far above 100 your CYA is. I would re-do the test, allowing the sample to...
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    Startup SWG chlorinator salt for new pool

    130 g/L is actually 13%. 12.5% in pool math should be close enough
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    Startup SWG chlorinator salt for new pool

    To help mixing after chemical additions, I brush the pool. When doing a SLAM, you should be brushing anyway. The brush moving through the water helps it mix.
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    Borates in Australia ?

    I got it from where farmers buy their fertiliser. I got it from a local mob. Nutrien also had it from my searches. They might have more branches around the country. I searched for the SDS first to work out what I wanted, and then contacted the wholesaler, who told me who the local distributers...
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    Borates in Australia ?

    I bought a 25 kg bag from an agricultural supply store. Cost about $50 from memory. Boron is also a plant nutrient, not just an insecticide. There are three different forms from memory. Mine bag says 99.9 % H3BO3 min.
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    Clear Choice TA titration drops vs 4 in 1 drops?

    I have the CCL test kit, as well as a Blue Devil Kit I inherited with the house. From what I have seen, the Blue Devil seems very similar to the Aussie Gold kit. My comments are based on the Blue Devil kit. Firstly, the two kits use a different sample size for the tests. My Blue Devil uses a 15...
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    Help- First time using TFP method

    Why do you want to add baking soda? Your TA level is fine. You mentioned above that you have granular stabiliser. This will lower your pH a bit, so it can heaps your with two things at once. Liquid stabiliser will not affect pH. You may still need acid as well to bring the pH down.
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    Australia: How "granular" is your CYA?

    My ponderings were made while slamming a friend's pool that, in addition to being green, was also low in calcium and CYA. So, SLAMming was not an issue. I spent a while in the Bunnings aisle trying to work out the most economical source of chlorine, while knowing I also needed to increase the CH...
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    Australia: How "granular" is your CYA?

    I've only seen powder also. I was wondering whether using dichlor to increase CYA levels would be easier because it seems to dissolve more easily, but it is a more expensive way to do it. The chemist in me also had the idea of adding a base to help solubilise CYA. A preliminary experiment...
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    Green pool not much maintenance need advice to bring it back to life

    Last week I had the job of helping a mate with his green pool while he was in hospital. I did lots of scooping out leaves, fixing bits that were stuck in his pool cleaner, backwashing the filter and then SLAMming. I used 10 L of chlorine from the pool shop (discovered they have a container...