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    Natural UV (lid off) on a hot tub

    So browsing here on just miscellaneous stuff I read different things on UV, in a pool it apparently eats CC's , in a covered tub obviously it does not. My tub is doing fine chlorine, and it has a Ozone set up. Is there any advantage to popping the lid off for a couple hours during the sunny part...
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    So why change my water??

    So I know someone somewhere said change the water in your tub every 4-6 months or something, why?? I'm asking cause my hot tub just gave me the warning to change water. The water is crystal clear, well balanced, a breeze to take care of so is there a real good reason I should change it?
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    Hot tub SWG questions...

    So I have a new (couple months old) 450 gallon Cal Spas hot tub and loving it. I have my water balanced and I go with the MA and liquid chlorine method used here on this forum. TA is around 40, CYA about 30, Not sure on the hardness but my well water is very soft, PH stays pretty stable Maybe...
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    Bath tub ring??

    Ok, I have this CL / MA system working good in my tub, add chlorine every day and a very little MA maybe a couple times a week maintain FC at 3-5, PH right around 7.6, TA is steady at 40, CYA at 35. My hardness level s low but doesn't seem to have a negative effect. Thanks for the lesson TFP...
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    MPS what is it?

    I keep seeing it mentioned but I cannot find what it is... shock or something? Thanks,
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    What do you all use for measuring chemicals?

    So what do you guys use for measuring your liquid chemicals and dispensing into your tubs? I started out just pouring from my one gal container of Chlorine (Is that CH?) and MA into a plastic measuring cup then pouring into the tub. Seems like too much chance for an accident or spillage so I...
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    Old hot tub guy looking to learn new tricks...

    Ok, So I've had hot tubs for 30 ish years now, never had any real problems with chemistry or a dirty/cloudy tub just thinking on changing things up. I recently got a new 450 gal Cal Spas tub so I figured now was the time. First off I live on a well but cant fill with it directly due to too much...
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    Chlorine in my hot tub??

    So why in my hot tub is it I have a very high Free chlorine content and pretty much NO total chlorine? Ph and total alkalinity is fine, low on hardness but that's just my water. Tub is crystal clear..
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    Thoughts on my M500 after a couple weeks

    So I've had my Dolphin M500 for several weeks now, All I can say is YAY!! cleanest pool on the block.. ok, so I don't live on a block.. so what?:D The M500 does an outstanding job of cleaning my pool, gets everything on the floor, first step and sometimes even the second step. Does not get my...
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    Dolphin M500 remote questions.

    Trying to understand how this pro remote works with my M500 I'm trying to change the "automatic parameters" on my cleaner, turn cleaner on, turn on remote, then hit the Automatic/manual button to go to auto features.. So I set the top at the middle, set the delay at no delay, then I go to the...
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    Keeping pool cool..

    Hope this is the place for this.. closest I could find. I see a lot of stuff here about pool heaters, what about keeping the pool cool? We have a white fiberglass pool installed last spring, got the white on the advice from our installer so as to keep the pool cooler in the summer. BUT...
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    Pulled the trigger on a Dolphin M500

    Well after tons of research, one bad purchase, then lots of advice (and prodding ;-) ) here I went ahead and ordered the M500 Dolphin. The place I got it from did not have it in stock but its supposed to be at the store on Tuesday... cant wait to toss that guy in my pool Tuesday afternoon... I hope!
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    New construction , a year late..

    So we put our pool in last spring at the new place we bought in South Carolina. Researched different pool types and decided to go with a fiberglass unit. Had an above ground when the kids were younger and decided also to do the in ground. I just found this sight recently while researching...
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    Hmm, is it worth it???

    Looking to buy a robot and I've narrowed it down to three units... Dolphin M500... $1599 with a $100 rebate (has pro remote) Update: found another store $1350 Dolphin M400...$1399 with a $75 rebate (has no remote) UPDATE: found another store $1149 Dolphin Triton Plus... $1049 on line, free...
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    New guy here, want a robot.

    Ok, I have a fiberglass pool, new install last spring. Always clean and clear, but I'm looking for a robot to scrub the walls. Made a mistake and let the guy at Leslies talk me into a Polaris 825... even though I expressed my desire for a "smart" robot (he said it was) it is not, just an aimless...
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    New guy here..

    Howdy,new to this forum, got my second pool last year, new inground fiberglass. Years ago when my kids we young we had an above ground. Had hot tubs for going on 30 years now so water chemistry is not new to me. Always have had nice clean water, knock on wood! ;)