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    1st time pool owner- How do I patch a hole in the liner

    GEE - thanks. Is Dave still in charge? (I'm not ******** - I just haven't been around in a number of years)
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    Hayward H400 IF codes!! HELP!

    Great analysis!
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    Use and care for DE filters

    A good idea is to keep the acid mix (if you have a dedicated container) :)
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    Help identifying a leak

    Welcome to TFP!! You're doing a good job of identifying the leak. :) & thanx for the pics. If, as you say, the leak is lessened by running the pump - you have a suction side leak (skimmers or MDs) Do you get 'extra' air in the pump housing after a few minutes of running the pump? Have you...
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    pool tiles fell off and found a crack on the wall

    Welcome to TFP!! It sounds like your deck 'heaved' and pushed in on the top of the wall, thereby cracking it. :x To me, this suggests a 'surface ground water' issue that would probably be corrected by installing a curtain drain in the afflicted area. As for repairing the damage already done...
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    Liner install DIY

    If you're gonna order it yourself, PLEASE be sure of all your measurements BEFORE you order it! Installing a liner for the first time is enough of a challenge without having to deal with all the hassles of an incorrectly sized liner. Though I never got around to writing the DIY liner drop post...
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    In ground pool quote, any suggestions?

    Hi Sandy, welcome to TFP!! I built and serviced pools in Ct. for 10 years (2001 -2010, Waterbury area based but had accounts in Winsted, Mystic and Fairfield & all in between) The price is reasonable, even the stamped crete. I also think you'll be wanting a larger deck, at least in certain...
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    Pool stairs replacement, inground vinyl

    Welcome to TFP!! Replacing steps in an existing pool can be a nightmare! (this I know from having done it ~ 20 times) There is a lot involved in the change-out and it can be very labor intensive and require tools and equipment that most homeowners don't have. However, let's discuss this and see...
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    FNS plus DE filter rust inside.

    Hey, Thinkly :wave: While I don't want to tell you the FNS is failing, I would certainly change the wing-nut and address/ fix the band's rust. If you had a low pH issue last season, I'd say that it exasperated the issue - and keep better control of your pH this season :wink: I am never...
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    Pump Leaking

    You are leaking from that 1/2 union! Either the o-ring has gone bad or the union is broken or has backed off. :( I think this is something you can fix/ establish the cause of yourself. If you don't have a wrench that will allow you to tighten or loosen the union, you can use a belt (like...
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    Yet another new build thread - Central Florida

    Welcome to TFP!! Looking good! 8-)
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    How to clear a clogged skimmer suction line?

    Their spouses HATE it :lol: :oops:
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    One Year Anniversary!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :cheers: :party: :whoot: :lovetfp:
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    How To Install New Pool Returns

    Hey, sorry for the delay :( Having the F/A ~ 1/8" behind the wall's finished level is good. It will allow you to 'pack' in the hydrolic cement and still leave room for the new Diamond Brite. Getting a return inlet that has a 'flange' would cover the dimple in the wall. 8-) Please keep in...
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    over-the-wall skimmer... who uses one? opinions

    Thanks for responding :goodjob: Apparently I was wrong about your motives :cry: (there are folks that 'troll' pool sites, trying to sell their stuff - I'm glad you're not one of those :) ) I don't have the time tonight to discuss this, but I do want to pursue it. Please respond and I'll...
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    How do i go by building a new stand for my sand filter?

    Don't forget to allow easy access to the drain plug :wink:
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    Wetting D.E?

    Welcome to TFP!! I am very sorry to say that this won't work :cry: DE is measured by dry weight and has to be done so. You can wear a particle mask when handling it (and that is recommended) Keeping it in a sealed container is an excellent idea :!: , but you'll have to deal with it dry...
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    Filter not catching fine debris

    I'm thinking a by-pass in the filter or multiport. If the debris comes back in the same area, it's because of the circulation of your pool (to test this, readjust the directionals and see if the debris settlement moves accordingly). But it also sounds like bypass - though you've done the...
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    Water Loss Over Winter

    Did you plug the skimmer pipe and the return? If not, the ice on and under the cover might have forced the water out of them. (ice is less dense than water)
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    How may returns?

    Nice thread :goodjob: I think a number of good points have been made here including: 1) What can your system handle (pump size, pipe size (& #), filter size - i.e. the head and what the equipment can handle/ needs) 2) Cost. Be it the up front cost of adding more lines and the expense of...
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    FOXX pool liner replacement

    There's price and durability that they want you to consider. While price is always something to be considered, the extra durability of a 28 mil liner is dubious as long as the liner is properly installed and cared for!. By properly installed, I mean that the floor and walls are repaired to a...
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    How do i go by building a new stand for my sand filter?

    Welcome to TFP!! I'd use bricks or 'pavers' so that you can access the drain plug. :idea:
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    New Pool in NC...

    Have a great time in Hawaii! :party: If it's in your budget, a pool house/ cabana might be worth the $. It would let you house the pump system close to the pool, give you a changing room, and possibly a bathroom, and set up a bar/ kitchen that might make hanging out poolside more desirable...
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    New Forum Member - Been looking for a forum community

    Welcome to TFP!! When you ask your liner and vermiculite questions, I'll do my best to be there and help answer them :)
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    CLICK HERE to Become a Supporter!

    Welcome to TFP!! How are things in Richmond? I lived there in the late 80s and early 90s working for a pool company (DA). Where exactly are you? It's been ~20 years since I lived there, but I greatly enjoyed my time there. :) I'm glad you found us and opened to a clear pool :cheers:
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    How To Install New Pool Returns

    Hey, Mark :wave: THANKS for renewing my attention to this! What you'll want to do is use hydrolic cement (Waterplug or similar) on the wet side of the wall. (I'll give a couple of tips in a minute) On the outside of the wall, you want to support the pipe, so that it stays in place and I...
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    storing bucket of trichlor tabs and bucket of cal-hypo

    There is a fair chance of fire or explosion when 2 forms of chlorine get mixed together. (I was looking for a mushroom cloud emoticon :lol: ) As long as we're talking about this, letting acid touch chlorine is even worse! :hammer:
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    could be the dumbest pool newb ever

    Welcome to TFP!! :lol: :cheers: You definitely have what it takes to be a regular poster here :goodjob: