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    Pentair EasyTouch Remote

    Shoot, okay... well it's likely that the card is dead then. I just double checked mine and they definitely do the 6-flash thing... 485 and link flash together 6 times, pause for 8 or so seconds (485 may flash once or twice during the pause) and repeat. If I power them up separately from the...
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    Wireless remote for Easytouch system, with limited access

    I think Squirrel's suggestion of the Quicktouch is the best idea, but if you can run a hard-wire you could get an is-4 (basically a 4-button switch with an led). Now if you're handy you could make your own 1-4 button switch... it's stupid simple... @Jimrahbe drew up a schematic and posted it...
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    IntelliTouch to IntelliCenter upgrade questions..

    Hey Phil, sorry - I forgot that you already told me about the transformer... and you said above that the 5a breaker DID trip... so yeah, my reading comprehension is terrible :) I'm back on track with what you were saying about the wifi poe unit killing the rectifier. The cool thing is I got...
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    IntelliTouch to IntelliCenter upgrade questions..

    Hey ParB, the primary is open on this one (it does read 0L)... and the secondaries have breakers - 5a on the 18vac and 4a on the 24. I think the transformer blew as a result of the rectifier failing short... my theory is since the rectifier failed in a dead short (i.e. all inputs/outputs are...
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    Pentair 5G Stopped Working

    agh, sorry to hear it. i thought the warranty was 2 years, but i see it depends on whether it's a white or a color... have you got the color one? there are other folks here who have used non-pentair replacements that are significantly cheaper
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    Pentair EasyTouch Remote

    Hey Jarker, I'm assuming you've got a card with a "Laird" chipset on it? (fcc:id on the back of your remote is P4HEASYTOUCH2A?)... let me know if that's not right. This is interesting (to me anyway)... normally I see dead cards doing a 6-blink pattern - just like you described but with 6...
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    IntelliTouch to IntelliCenter upgrade questions..

    update on the dead intellicenter... TLDR: the system transformer and a rectifier got smoked. Phil also sent me the system transformer and it is dead... that doesn't happen too often! The primary is an open-circuit - showing no resistance or continuity - when it should be a few ohms or so...
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    Intellicenter Dead

    Interesting... I was just re-reading the thread that Phil replied to: ...and now that I have his dead board I can see that yes that rectifier is absolutely smoked... AND that the 24v port has a "160mA MAX"...
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    Intellicenter Dead

    Yeah Phil it would definitely be interesting (and a bummer) if it's the same dead part. The CDBHM260L-HF rectifier that smoked on yours is rated for 2 amps, but it's in a TINY package which doesn't seem right to me... I did a quick search for others in that same format and they're all under an...
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    Intellicenter Dead

    agh, sorry to hear it Jeff. hopefully the comm chip was able to protect the rest of the intellicenter panel... in my experience with lightning-struck intellitouch and easytouch panels, the comm chip and maybe some other components will be dead (possibly burned, blown up, or internally shorted)...
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    Pentair SOLARTOUCH Control System QUIT Working - LCD Displays 'black square' characters

    Hey S, Yeah that pic micro is toast... as Jim said, that can happen from a lightning strike (a power surge can do it too). But they do just die sometimes. Had there been any storms around the time the controller stopped working? (The short #2 pin is ok because it's internally connected to the...
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    Pentair SOLARTOUCH Control System QUIT Working - LCD Displays 'black square' characters

    Hey you're welcome! It definitely seems like it's doing nothing at all besides getting unreasonably hot... that could be an indication that something is shorted, causing it to draw too much current. A hole in the microcontroller (pic16f1939) would explain why it won't start up and initialize...
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    Pentair SOLARTOUCH Control System QUIT Working - LCD Displays 'black square' characters

    Hi there, Sunplay has the replacement board... If the top row is just showing dark squares it sounds like the microcontroller is not starting up because it seems like the lcd module is not getting initialized... they...
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    How to; Determine if your Easytouch Com (RS485) can be repaired

    Yeah, that darned lightning will often melt or complete burn the chip! I've done a few where the board itself got burned and the traces needed repair 🔥🔥 Would love to see your 16-pin desoldering tool. I wanted to make one too but I haven't been repairing many easytouch boards these days.
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    How to; Determine if your Easytouch Com (RS485) can be repaired

    Here's a comm chip tester I whipped up when I had too much free time on my hands...
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    How to; Determine if your Easytouch Com (RS485) can be repaired

    Hey nice work @jerryt... you could add to your troubleshooting a quick test of current draw (on the 12v supply)... it is often significantly higher when the comm chip is blown. There are around 300? transistors in the chip and usually the ones on the input/output path (DI/RO) will fail... when...
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    Looking for ScreenLogic replacement parts

    You could try the auction site... I frequently see wireless connection kits for sale there for around 150. Alternatively - and depending on distance - you could hard wire it with a 4-conductor wire. If you feel like tinkering you could possibly use any old rs485 wireless transceiver pair that...
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    What to do with this pool ... ???

    Pools can be so ridiculously expensive to repair, and if/when our pool structure fails (12k gal in-ground gunite), we'll likely fill it in and plant some fruit trees where the deep end was. When we bought our house we considered the pool a negative... although we've come to enjoy dips on super...
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    Intellitouch Not Communicating with IntelliPro Pump - FIXED

    just so I'm clear... it's the 4-pin terminal block (and/or the pins on the board that it mates to) that has the corrosion? you can try and clean it out or replace them and maybe add a little dielectric grease before re-attaching. the terminal block itself is a Riacon 4 PIN, Metz Connect...
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    Intellitouch Not Communicating with IntelliPro Pump - FIXED

    I'll just add to Jim's post... the personality board has two comm connectors, but it's a single rs485 bus... the power and data lines on both connectors are connected together. Now, if you've got a mainboard that's rev. B or earlier it will have a single driver chip (u4) whereas rev C and...
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    IntelliTouch to IntelliCenter upgrade questions..

    Hey guys, just saw this, I'll send you both a pm
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    IntelliTouch to IntelliCenter upgrade questions..

    i don't have one of those boards but it's probably the unl2803 or could also be the chip above the ehtr connection like jim said... what are the numbers on that chip? in any case, i'm not sure what you could have done to cause the smoke but if it's under warranty then i'd take advantage of...