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    Good summer

    I hope you all had a great summer with your friends and family. Enjoying the last couple days in my TFP. Would like to dedicate my summer to my SWCG and robot. My two best investments so far!! Let's see those TFP pics!! Please share your favorite pic of the summer!
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    New robot cleaner!

    I just had to post a couple things because I am floored... I absolutely hated getting my suction side vacuum out and using it...putting all the hoses together.. priming it...taking and adding fittings from the skimmer...I ain't got time for that! Getting a deck put on and there is shavings...
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    New SWG - Mount control unit "remotely" and power question

    Hi everyone, Took the plunge and purchased an Edge 40 and super excited for pool season. I am planning my install and have a few questions. I have an AG 27' pool and my pump/filter is sitting on a few pavers next to the pool. Electric is ran to the pad also. About 15' away is where the...
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    Night Swimming

    Tried to get my wife to go for a night swim after the kids were in bed. Not sure why she said no?