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    Booster pump won’t start

    I changed my main pump to variable speed a couple of months ago and it is working great. However, now my booster pump stopped working. It won’t start when I turn it on; I can only hear some humming sound. I replaced the capacitor with a new one, but still the same. Is the pump dead? This is a...
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    No ground wire to the motor

    I am about to replace my old motor with a V-Green 1.65 HP Square Flange 48Y Variable Speed Motor, but found that there is no ground (green) wire attached to the old motor. There are only two wires, connected to L1 and L2. Outside of the tube for the wires that goes to the timer, there is another...
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    bolts on the seal plate

    I am changing my motor and am trying to separate the old motor from the seal plate. The bolts are too tight. I tried to use a breaker bar, but still cannot loose them. The bolts look fine, I attached a picture of them. Any suggestion on how to loose them? Thanks very much! Wan
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    Pump burned?

    When I started my pump today, I immediately heard noise, saw spark and then smoke from the motor. I quickly turned off. Is my pump burned out? Any suggestions on what to check? Never had something like this before. Thanks very much! Wan
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    Prime issue after turned off the main pump while the booster was still on

    My pump would prime itself instantaneously before. But now it will take several seconds to prime (and each time I opened the air relief valve). This happens after I accidentally turned off the main pump while the booster was still on. I was meant to turn off the booster, and I immediately...
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    pump leaks

    I have a PacFab Challenger pump. Initially the pump can start by itself according to the timer, but I noticed that there is a small leak at the bottom, maybe at the band clamp, when the pump is turned on. The leak appears to stop after a while as the pump keeps running. I opened the pump and...
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    Issues with new IC40 Intelllichlor

    I just replaced a brand new IC40 Intelllichlor this morning. When I first turned it on, the light for the status is red, so I added some salt (not too much, less than a bag). When I turned it on again, the signal changed to flashing green. I turned it off, but when I turned it on again several...
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    Sand clumped in the bottom of the filter

    I am changing sand for a Pentair Triton II filter. I have taken most of the sand out, but found that in the bottom the sand has clumped. Because the pipe and laterals are on the way, it is not convenient to use common tools to break it. Any suggestion on how to break it? Thanks very much!
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    How to find out the type of Pentair Triton II filter?

    I think it is time to change sand for my sand filter. It is a Triton II, and I guess it is a TR40, but I am not exactly sure about it. How to distinguish TR40 with others like TR60? Measure the size? Thanks very much.
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    Pump discharge thread destroyed. Can I change the part?

    When I tried to fix a leak from the discharge side of my pump for the vacuum, I overtightened the connector (sorry I don’t know its name) and it broke inside. Thought the thread of the pump is metal, I used a heat gun to remove the broken part, but it also destroyed the inside thread. The...