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    Good summer

    I hope you all had a great summer with your friends and family. Enjoying the last couple days in my TFP. Would like to dedicate my summer to my SWCG and robot. My two best investments so far!! Let's see those TFP pics!! Please share your favorite pic of the summer!
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    Draining Hayward Sand Filter

    I would drain the water from the sand filter then use a dolly to move to a new pad closer to the outlet. Before you start up the pump you need to fill up your filter with a hose to the sand level. From there you can fire up the pump and you will be good to go. The other option would be to use a...
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    New robot cleaner!

    I just had to post a couple things because I am floored... I absolutely hated getting my suction side vacuum out and using it...putting all the hoses together.. priming it...taking and adding fittings from the skimmer...I ain't got time for that! Getting a deck put on and there is shavings...
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    Steel Sided AGP- Resin Top Cap question

    I know... I have 2 or 3 that don't sit right. I just close my eyes when I swim past them! Enjoy your new pool!
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    Weed/grass product suggestions and antifungal for under pool.

    What pool are you putting up? For smaller pools that are put away for winter you would use a tarp. For permanent above ground pools you want to cut the sod and level the ground. Give more info and we can help.
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    Above Ground Salt Water Opinions Needed Please

    Just unscrew your return eyeball on inside and put in a winter plug.
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    Mustard algae? Or sand?

    Does it "poof" when you hit it with the brush?
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    Mustard algae? Or sand?

    Looks like algae to me - I would SLAM as YippeeSkippy recommended.
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    Replacement of skimmer

    Will do - I used flex seal too and I still have a steady stream - I am worried it is coming from a crease in the pool wall below the skimmer. I may try to hit it with a hammer to see if the crease comes out but not sure until I get in there and look at it closely. I have way more than a few...
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    Replacement of skimmer

    I am having the same problem. Pool installed last year and I accidentally left a valve closed which caused a lot of ice build up in skimmer. My faceplate cracked in 3 places. I bought a new one and a gasket. My plan is like @zea3 recommends. I am going to drop water level below skimmer. Remove...
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    Pre-Build Panic

    First - read the ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry: ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry - Trouble Free Pool Second - I would recommend you getting this test kit: TF-Pro *Salt with Smart Stir-for pools with SWG That will let you test your water and adjust as needed. You will test for the salt in the...
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    Anyone have this set up? Hayward W3S210T93S ProSeries 21-Inch 1.5 HP Sand Filter System

    I have a similar unit and it works great. I bought with my pool last year. Hayward S230T 23" Sand Filter System 1.5-HP 2-Speed Matrix Pump
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    Circupool RJ-60 install pictures & process

    Looks good but I was hoping to see an increasing number of beer cans with every picture and I was disappointed :ROFLMAO:
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    Issue with snap bead liner tracks and stabilizer rails

    It looks like you have it upside down. The metal stabilizer just snaps down on top.
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    Bonding Pool Heater - Necessary for AGP?

    Anything metal within a certain distance (not sure of exact distance) of the pool needs to be bonded. Obviously if you don't already have a bonding grid you need to add that first by burying a copper wire around your pool then bonding the pool, water, pump and if you have a metal ladder.
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    New SWG - Mount control unit "remotely" and power question

    I gave it the old foot measurement of 30 steps from skimmer to the wall of the house. So probably more like 30'
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    New SWG - Mount control unit "remotely" and power question

    Ah I gotcha. Does it make any difference if I do 1.5" ? I normally just run it on low speed.
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    New SWG - Mount control unit "remotely" and power question

    I already have pump - bought it with the pool last year. Wouldn't I be using 2 pipes anyway? 1 for in flow and 1 out. Or am I misunderstanding what you are saying? Everything is plumbed with 1.5" now but I was going to switch to 2" since SWG is 2" and I think I can reuse all my Jandy valves at 2".
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    New SWG - Mount control unit "remotely" and power question

    Not anything crazy. Maybe a foot higher than skimmer but I could probably level it out underground. Just not sure if that would affect the flow.
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    New SWG - Mount control unit "remotely" and power question

    Not sure of the flow rate. It is a Hayward 2 speed pump 1.5 HP. Didn't see that info listed. I am planning to use 2" pipe and it's about 35' from where pump would be. Does it matter if the pipes run...
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    New SWG - Mount control unit "remotely" and power question

    That might do the trick. I will have to measure everything out and see what length comes with it. Thanks - after I posted that I was thinking they might have that but in typical Millenial fashion - I wanted someone else to do the work! 🤔 😀
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    New SWG - Mount control unit "remotely" and power question

    I thought about doing that but yeah, more work. I guess I don't really have any projects this year since the pool is done. 😀 trying to think of any downfalls to putting equipment right up to the side of my house. Salt cell explodes and blows a hole in the side of the house? Pump catches on fire...
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    New SWG - Mount control unit "remotely" and power question

    Hi everyone, Took the plunge and purchased an Edge 40 and super excited for pool season. I am planning my install and have a few questions. I have an AG 27' pool and my pump/filter is sitting on a few pavers next to the pool. Electric is ran to the pad also. About 15' away is where the...
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    What to backfill with - semi-inground AGP

    Mine is buried about 3 feet on one side. I ended up using gravel as I had relocated all the dirt to fill in a low spot in my yard. I just installed my pool last summer so not sure of the longevity of the solution. Only thing I wish I would've done is put some drain tile at the bottom to divert...
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    pool bonding

    I could've bonded in 4 points also but I work for a city and the inspector there told me to not worry about it based on how the NEC code is written. Also do not use a grounding rod. You want to ground your pump on your electric circuit which will ground it on the panel.
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    pool bonding

    I used a mix of these bonding lugs and split bolt connectors. Make sure whatever you buy is copper and rated to be buried (will have DB stamped on the connector). I used a plate in my skimmer connected to a copper lug > ran copper down to one of the bolts where the wall came together then from...
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