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    Building a new pool - lessons learned

    I’m going to be building a new gunite pool in the next few months (coincides with new home build) and would love any lessons learned from the wise group here. In general we are looking at a rectangular pool, pebble teck finish, pentair equipment (not saltwater chlorinated).
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    New pool light remote

    Hi I have a trilogy fiberglass pool and lost the remote that turns the lights on/off. Can I order a new one somehow? Is there a universal remote similar to a TV? Thanks for your help
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    Got lucky?

    I was away for 3 weeks so I’ve been relying on 3 trichlor pucks to hold me over. I returned yesterday and had 2 dead rabbits in the filter box (yuck) 0 FC, and 0 CC. That’s where I’m confused- the water was clear, no noticeable algae anywhere, but no FC. I slammed overnight and past the OCLT...
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    Black smudge on pool walls

    Hi I have a black “smudge” on the wall of my pool in a couple of spots. It reminds me of rubber/brake residue. It comes off when I wipe it with my hand but brushing doesn’t seem to get it off. Any thoughts? Is it just dirt (lots of construction around here ) or something else? My pool details...
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    Hayward cs200e filter cartridge

    Hi i noticed a strange sound coming from my filter so I opened it up and noticed the plastic/rubber material at the top is torn. Where can I find a replacement? I checked pleatco but wasn't able to find anything that matched thanks
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    Hayward evo star 3400vsp weird noise

    We had a lightning strike that fried our pump so I had to replace it. I purchased an identical Hayward evo star and had it professionally installed. The new pump sounds different than the old one. It's higher pitched and has a slight ticking sound. any ideas? It's pumping fine; maybe it's a...
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    Dog in fiberglass pool

    Hi im considering getting a Labrador retriever. Since they are water dogs I assume it'll jump in the pool all of the time. What is the likelihood the fiberglass will get scratched (steps, etc from the dogs nails)? I'm not sure if fiberglass scratches easily. thanks
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    Ph and chlorine effectiveness

    Due to lower temps I'm running my waterfall quite a bit more. I haven't bothered checking PH since I'm not swimming but will a higher ph decrease or otherwise inhibit chlorine? thanks
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    Hayward eco star problem

    hi i went to adjust the time on my filter this AM due to daylight savings time but the screen is unreadable. The pump is on and functioning but the display just has a bunch of symbols and I can access the menu. thoughts on how to fix? The pump is about a year old so I assume it's under warranty
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    Back swimmers in pool but no algae

    Hi ive noticed several back swimmers (2 or 3) in my pool but I've consistently passed the overnight chlorine test, etc. and have seen no boatmen in the pool. in fact, I've had no algae issues whatsoever over the ~2 years I've had the pool? Thoughts about how to get rid of them? I know they are...
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    Quality vacuum hose

    I'm in need of a QUALITY 30 foot 1 1/2 diameter vacuum hose. The one that came with my pool started to collapse before the end of the first season. I bought a pool store replacement that also seems to kink when extended to the far end of my pool. can anyone recommend a high quality hose?
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    Thinking about a solar heater

    I was thinking of getting a solar heater - something like the blue wave solar curve - to hook up to my existing pump/in ground pool. Does anyone 1) have experience with this heater? Are other solar options preferable? 2) know a reputable installer in the north Dallas area thanks!
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    Vacuum out filter housing?

    Hi ive used my pool pump/filter to vacuum out dirt, leaves, etc from the bottom of my pool. When I was hosing off the filter I noticed setiment build up in the bottom of the housing that contains the actual filter. Am I correct assuming I should periodically shop vac out that area to? thanks in...
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    Windmill or Florida Sabal Palm for Dallas

    Both are cold hardy for our zone (8) but does anyone have local experience with either? My fear is dropping money into a plant and having it die over the winter. Both seem to otherwise be similar in growth rate, sun exposure, fruit, etc
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    The PoolMath calculator is invaluable. Thank you to whomever created it. Is there a reference sheet somewhere that does the same calculations? I just want to be prepared to take care of my pool should I not have Internet access, the calculator goes down for a few days, etc. thanks
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    How to maintain while on vacation?

    I've been thankful for this board and advice. By following the TFP method maintaining my pool has been easy and cheap. I'm about to go on a week long vacation and wonder how to maintain while I'm gone. My guess is I should raise up the chlorine level to ~10 so it'll stay relatively high until I...
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    Do you leave your waterfall on when running pump?

    Does it make sense to keep the waterfall on every time the pump is running to clean the pool (8 hours a day) or do you only use it when you're using the pool/in the backyard?
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    Unscented/regular scent bleach

    I bought some generic "regular scent" bleach at the grocery store. When I used it, it literally had no scent. I'm concerned it's expired or too diluted; does unscented/regular scent not smell like the traditional bleach odor?
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    Make builder redo water feature?

    Here's what I requested and what I have. Would you make the builder redo it?
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    Pump setting when close to freezing

    It's going to be about 36 for the low tonight. My pump doesn't appear to have a freeze guard so my thought is ill set the timer to run all night (7 pm to 10 am) at 1725 rpm to ensure nothing freezes is this the best option? thanks
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    Pool chemicals

    Hi new pool is under construction and will be done next week. What chemicals beyond stabilizer, chlorine, and muratic acid should I purchase? Also, the pool calculator references "soda ash" for lowering PH; is that the same as baking soda? thanks
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    Newbie question

    Hi my pool is being installed next week. I've ordered a tf100 kit; what other pool maintanence items should I pre-buy? How many gallons of chlorine should I get in anticipation of treating a 5600 gallon pool? thanks
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    Test strips

    Hi im completely new to pools so I will likely have many dumb questions. Our pool is getting installed in the next few months so I'm trying to learn how to properly maintain it. This forum has lots of great info I'm still working through but it seems test strips aren't mentioned/recommended...