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    Low TA but stable pH?

    FC: 5 pH: 7.8 TA: 50 CH: 390 CYA: 40 So my TA is on the lower side and has seemingly slowly decreasing over time. However my pH is more stable than it's been since having the pool replastered about a year ago. I've added just under a gallon of acid since the 1st of the month. I've been dropping...
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    1 Inch Return Fitting/Eyeball Options?

    I'm looking for a possible solution or an option to add some sort of eyeball to my pool returns. The current returns appear to be just 1 inch pipes in the side the walls of the pool. Some are covered by the finish and some you can see the end of the pipe in the wall. Is there anything that...
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    HELP: New Plaster Start-Up Questions

    Hello TFP, First time poster and pool owner here. Just bought a house with a pool and ended up finding out that there was quite a bit of delamination going on under the surface so we opted to have it refinished. Definitely was not something we wanted to do right away but now that it's done we...