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    I think it's time to upgrade...

    Ive been told that you should always put the check valve after the pump and not before it or you can create an entrapment situation.
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    And now our new one - Kafko Mountain Top Blue Mosaic:
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    Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic & Name Of Your Liner Here’€™s my old - Lantham’€™s Blue Granite. New: After 6 years: You can see the original color in the patches vs how it aged. It’€™s also funny to see the coping bricks - they’€™ were freshly replaced with that liner...
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    poolvernuegen adding air to pump skimmer basket

    Also check all your hose connections - one of them is probably leaking. Go segment by segment and twist them as the pump is running and you’ll hear the sucking when you find it.
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    Recommendations for a new pool cleaner to replace my disposable Zodiac MX8?

    The Pool Cleaner. Got one 6 years ago. Replaced the tires once 2 years ago.
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    What dries out a liner?

    So that sounds like it was mismeasured... I’m watching mine fill right now - so far so good :) - - - Updated - - - I know right?!? I’m a bum! :( The reason for the replacement is the extensive sun rot above the waterline on the two sides that get sun almost all day long. Basically the...
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    What dries out a liner?

    My pH would drift up - I've played with the calculator and at or above 8.6 it gets me to 6 or above for the CSI which is indicated to be harsh for all pool surfaces. I target my CYA for 50 given how much sun the pool gets. Apparently that top edge of the liner along the bead that isn't...
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    What dries out a liner?

    I'm replacing my liner after only 6 years due to extensive sun rot. Apparently the UltraMayd liner's only advantage is that the warranty does cover sun rot so I might be able to see a 50% pro-rated savings on the retail (what the installer pays) for a replacement liner. My new installer says...
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    dirty water comes back into pool while vacuuming?

    What kind of filter and valve do you have? Sorry if I missed it but not all have the bypass being talked about. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    yet another stenner install and timer system

    Also, I ordered a cover/boot for the pump - I don't remember these existing when I bought mine. It's like a flexible vinyl and covers the pump motor and head. Along with the rain shield it should keep it much better protected as I have mine outside and somewhat exposed. There's still a gap at...
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    yet another stenner install and timer system

    Wanted to say thanks btw - This thread prodded me to finally get around to changing out the tube in the pump and boy did I barely do it in time - it was starting to seep CL. I also checked the check valve (haha) and it wasn't closing properly due to some salt buildup. I tried cleaning as per...
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    My Stenner Install

    Nice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    HELP!! Pool leaking water 6 inches in 2 hrs!!

    You need to trace every opening in the pool back to one of the pipes in the pool shed. That under pool one sounds like a suction drain for hydrostatic pressure - someone else on here had a setup like that and it was only intended to be used if draining the pool so as to suck out water from...
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    DST and time zone settings not working?

    Thanks Jason Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DST and time zone settings not working?

    Thanks Jason. I just checked the settings and they were auto detect DST and -8 Pacific for the time zone. Let's see what this post's 10:48 am PDT right now - - - Updated - - - There we go that was right this time....I forgot to mention I logged out and back in - maybe that was it?
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    Passed SLAM ... Still Chewing Chlorine!

    Well then that's not all that bad lol. Welcome to the site Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    HELP! Pool jet on BEHIND new liner!

    How does the floor look? Is the krete underneath smooth or fallen apart? Same for the area under and around where the return was. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Passed SLAM ... Still Chewing Chlorine!

    So with all that dust and leaves and junk you have your explanation: those are dirtying your pool and causing the increase in CL consumption. Most people say 30-60 mins apart. I sometimes put them in at the same time but opposite ends of the pool.
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    DST and time zone settings not working?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this; I'm still getting used to the new layout on the new server since my previous visits here... I have my settings configured for -8 (Pacific time) and DST auto and I'm seeing times as one hour off - so a post as 2:00 pm Pacific is presenting as...
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    Adjust CYA during shock process?

    Yeah that's fine though we recommend putting it in a sock in front of a return. If you put it in the skimmer don't turn off the pump. But don't do this if you're still having to stop and clean out the filter as part of the SLAM process. The powdered stuff doesn't dissolve right away and will...
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    Adjust CYA during shock process?

    Is the water clear enough to be able to test the CYA? Having a lower CYA level means you need less CL to clear the algae with the SLAM method, but you need a base amount of it to prevent loss to the sun too. I'd get the CYA to a level of 30 or so and then proceed to SLAM. You can adjust it...
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    Change to Salt or no??

    This is of course highly situational: my pool is about 1/3 the size of yours and our amounts and intensity of sun light are different. I need 3 quarts a day to maintain my pool's FC in the summer and less than 1/4 of a qrt (1 cup) per day in winter. So for me the SWG didn't cost justify.
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    Help with (seemingly extra) liner above water line?

    You know it just occurred to me that all the holes that were cut for your returns, etc. won't line back up when you reset the liner if that was in fact the problem. You're most likely going to need a new liner. Have them come back out and re-measure it to make sure they have that right. Maybe...
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    HELP! Pool jet on BEHIND new liner!

    I don't think the liner has to be replaced. I've heard of (and seen on this site) installations where the liner had to be removed or reset after initial installation. That shouldn't be a problem at all with a new liner provided they didn't cut holes in the wrong spots. It's older liners that...
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    My Stenner Install

    My tank sits in the sun for much of the day and it gets pretty hot where it is; I haven't seen any noticeable drop in the CL viability (12.5%). I very well may have over thought the noise level of the clicks ;) I do have a variable speed pump though and it runs at a pretty low (and quiet)...