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    Recurring Metal Staining

    Metal Staining is returning mid August, 3-4 months after the May AA treatment. I knew this would happen. I’m going to have to accept that an annual AA treatment is necessary. Here is why: Iron and other metals are found in gas and Diesel engine exhaust, as well as in road grit...
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    White flakes from SWG

    Posting new thread per @mguzzy: My csi has been within optimal range and I am getting white flakes out of my returns, as generated by SWG. Pool store states calcium hardness at about 440 or so. My fill water is about 200-250 if memory is correct. Replacing evaporation loss always adds more CA...
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    TA and the App

    In the PoolMath app, does the recommended range for TA account for my CYA? My TA adjusted for CYA is always below the optimal TA range. However my drop test TA is within the range. Please clarify. Thank you.
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    blackish flakes after sequestering

    My plaster had been gaining horrible stains over the last year and tested positive for metal stains with Vitamin C tablets. I found my FC was at 20!!! Turned off SWG. Took about 3 weeks for FC to drop. On Friday, with pump on, I took out the remaining 5 of FC with 5 TBSP of sodium...
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    Hello from Murrieta, CA

    Hi. I'm from Murrieta CA. I had been relying on my pool service since early 2017 to look after my 20 year old pool, because I knew nothing about pool chemistry or pool equipment. I am gradually updating my pool equipment. Because I had staining develop all over my plaster within a year of...