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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    New Hydrazzo put in two weeks ago. Pool has been handed over to me to take care of. current readings are Chlorine 0 PH 7.0 Total alkalinity 50 Cyanuric acid zero Calcium 40 Not much plaster dust when I brush although it’s hard to tell it hasn’t been vacuumed since it was filled two weeks ago...
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    New Pump/Replumbing

    Hey guys, below is a picture of my current setup. I am getting ready to make some changes and looking for input/advice. I am planning on removing the booster pump for my cleaner and going with a newer cleaner that operates from an electric outlet..any draw back to this? I have an old 1hp...
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    Ecofinish on fiberglass panels/Hydrazzo

    Starting a new thread as I think the old one is inactive. I have a pool with fiberglass panel walls and concrete bottom that needs to be replastered. My contractor is recommending Ecofinish/AquaBright on the walls and Hydazzo on the floor. I have found at leaset one horror story thread here...
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    Hydrazzo and Uniwall/fiberglass

    Can hydrazzo be put on uniwall? I have a 15 year old concrete bottom with uniwall(fiberglass) sides that needs to be replastered. I would like to do both the bottom and sides with hydrazzo. I have a local contractor that says he can do it. Anyone out there have experience with this?
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    Polaris 380 rpm problem

    I have a polaris 380 that is moving to slowly. Hose filter is clear, pumps working fine etc... when testing rpm the wheels spin very slowly(around 20 RPM) if the unit is held in an upright position. However if i turn it on its side the wheels spin much faster(around 32 RPM). Anyone ever...