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    Forum changes

    What changes were made during this latest update? I do see some changes with how new content is listed. Just curious if that is the only change.
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    Copper Ionization

    I wasn't sure where to put this post. I've been browsing the housing market for the past year. My wife and I may consider a move if everything is right. Things on the list to convince us to move - first floor master bedroom, 3 car garage, and a good sized backyard that has a pool or a pool can...
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    Are pools with VSP dirtier?

    First, let me start by saying I love my VSP. It runs a lot quieter and saves a lot of electricity. But I have noticed that the bottom of my pool looks dirtier. There is more dirt and debris than when I was running a single speed pump. My theory on this is that most dirt and debris gets a chance...
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    Daytime Chlorine Demand Test

    Is there a test similar to the OCLT except you determine the chlorine demand during the day? I've thought about this. If I can determine the chlorine demand during the day, I could use that information to set my SWCG. Occasionally, I run the OCLT just to see if everything is running right. I...
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    Heat Pump Capacitor

    Ugghh .... capacitor decided to fail right when the coldest night time temperature since last spring. I got the solar cover back on the pool until this gets fixed.
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    Persistently high FC and SWG

    Since June 22, I have been measuring FC in the 10 ppm range. During the same time, I kept lowering the output on the SWG from 35% then to 20% today. I've been trying to get the FC down to around 7 ppm but it seems as I lower the output, the FC just won't decrease. Is it just the shortening of...
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    Main Drain

    I found one good use for the main drain. The weatherman had been calling for rain most of the days this week. My water level was getting low but I held off adding water to the pool. Well, the weatherman was wrong. This morning before heading to work, I could hear air being sucked through the...
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    My daughter has two dogs who are brother and sister. The female loves to swim in my pool. She also likes to chase her brother through the mulch beds and under shrubs. Then she jumps back into the pool, carrying the debris with her. Other than tossing the robot into the pool after my daughter...
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    CC Test

    As you can see in my signature, I use the K-2006 kit. For testing FC and CC, I use the FAS-DPD test. I have a question about the CC test. It says after adding 5 drops of R-0003, if the sample turns pink, add R-0871 until it turns clear again. Every time I run this test, the sample turns the very...
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    Backup SWG Cell

    The code on my Hayward T-15 cell starts with 3E15 which means it was manufactured in 2015. So I'm in the 6 year of use. Right now it is functioning fine. With shortage of many things in the market, would it be prudent to go ahead and buy a replacement cell to have on hand instead of waiting for...
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    SWG in a Bottle

    When I turned on the TV this morning, there was an infomercial on the H2Oe3 cleaning system. Add water and salt to a bottle, plug in to add electricity and you get a sanitizing solution. I sit there watching for a bit and think they're just spraying pool water on their surfaces. I still don't...
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    Land of the Lost

    You know when you store something in a nice safe place so you won't lose it only to not be able to find it later. I did that recently with a set of magnetic stir bars that I ordered. I have searched everywhere and can't find them.
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    Lid on Sewer Clean Out

    The lid on my sewer clean out has not been removed since the house was built 21 years ago. I'm thinking of using it to dump water while back flushing my sand filter. I put a wrench on the lid to try to turn it. It didn't budge. I'm wary of applying too much pressure and cracking the PVC pipe. Is...
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    Technology for Audiobooks while Swimming

    I guess this may be the best place to post this. My wife swims laps in our pool. While swimming, she likes to listen to audiobooks. She has probably tried every contraption out there. Some of them are waterproof armbands for a cellphone or iPod, waterproofed iPod shuffle, and bluetooth...
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    Air Temperature to Use Your Pool

    This was a recent thread on the perfect pool temperature. My question is what does the temperature of the air need to be to use your pool. This is probably dependent on how you use your pool. My wife will swim laps down to a low air temperature of 60F. She swims her laps at 5:00am before work...
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    Bird Bath

    This is my first year with a solid safety cover. The pool cover pump creates an indentation in the cover which leave a puddle of water since the pump doesn't remove all water. I'm being entertained by birds that have found the water on the cover makes a nice bird bath.
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    Pool Temperatures with Safety Cover

    For the previous 13 off-seasons, I had a mesh safety cover. I would wait until mid-April to remove the safety cover and start my equipment. The pool water would remain cool in the 50s Fahrenheit because we would get cold spring rains. I replaced the mesh cover with a solid safety cover. Now the...
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    Solid Safety Covers and Dirt

    I'm in the first year of use for a solid safety cover. For the previous 13 years, I had a mesh cover which allowed water to flow through into the pool. This also allowed fine dirt to enter the pool. Now with the solid cover, this fine dirt ends up on top of the cover. With the sag in the cover...
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    Cost to remove above ground pool

    I wasn't really sure where to post this since there isn't a "Under Deconstruction" folder. My daughter is in the market to buy a home. Some of the possible homes have had above ground pools. She does not want a pool. If she finds a house she really likes but it has a pool, it won't stop her from...
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    Pool Cover Pump

    A pool cover pump came with my purchase of a Loop-Loc solid cover. The pump shuts off when the water level reaches 1 1/4". There is still a sizable puddle of water on the cover when it shuts off. I'd like to get a different pool cover pump that will drain down to a smaller depth of water. The...
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    Installing Solid Cover

    After using a Loop-Loc mesh safety cover for the last 13 years, I now have a solid Loop-Loc safety cover. Last Sunday was my first time installing a solid cover. I started laying it out across the surface of the pool like I did the mesh cover. When water started getting on top of the cover, I...
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    Running pool equipment with safety cover before closing

    On Sunday, I installed my Loop-Loc solid safety cover on my pool. I did this because there are a significant number of leaves that are starting to get into the water. I didn't shut down the pool equipment since the water was still at 78F. In the last two days, it actually has risen to 79F. I...
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    Air in Pool Pump

    I'm getting air in the incoming water to the pool pump. I have narrowed the problem to the piping coming from the main drains in the bottom of the deep end of the pool. When the valve to that pipe is closed, no air enters the pump. Therefore, I've eliminated the piping from each skimmer. When I...
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    FC, CC and Solar Covers

    Generally, CC over 0.5ppm indicates there could be a problem with algae. In my case, could it be the solar cover? We have not had the solar cover off the pool for two weeks due to both cool weather and travel. The pool has not been vacuumed during that time either and I can see a good number of...
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    Closing Pools and Frost Line

    I've read the sticky on inground pool closings. When it comes to blowing out lines and using antifreeze, it seems that advice is geared towards pools where there are deep frost lines. In my area, the maps show the frost line between 5"-10" with building codes listing the depth of 12". The pipes...
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    Floating Thermometers

    Are there any good ones out there? I bought one from Home Depot. After a few days, it would not read the correct temperature. While the water was 90 F, it was reading 75F. Then I bought one that was highly rated on Amazon. It consistently reads 2 F below the actual water temperature.
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    Solid Loop-loc Safety Cover

    I have had a mesh Loop-loc cover for my pool for 13 years. It is now worn out so I need to buy a new one this fall to install when I close my pool. I could get a new mesh cover but my daughter's dog found running on it and digging at the water as it comes up through the mesh is a fun activity...
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    Daytime Chlorine Loss Test

    Anyone not new to this site knows about the OCLT. Is there a similar daytime version? I ran the OCLT so I know my FC loss overnight. Now if I pick a typical summer day, could I test the FC at dawn and sunset without the SWG running to find the FC loss during the day? From there, use this...
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    Nature 2 Express

    My pool company installed a Nature 2 Express on my pool system 14 years ago. I know about the potential mineral staining and stopped buying replacement cartridges 5 years ago. By now, I would think the minerals are long gone. Is that correct? Should I just leave the old cartridge installed or...
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    Failing T-15 Cell?

    I have a Hayward AquaRite SWG and Hayward T-Cell-15. Today I noticed no flow warning light. I am running my VSP at 1725 rpm. Normally, that is fast enough to engage the flow switch. I backflushed my sand filter and the resulting flow rate was enough for the SWG to run. At that point, I decided...