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  1. jeremycrook


    My Jandy heat pump / chiller is throwing this error when it's hot outside. The pool is staying pretty cool, however in the late evenings when the pool comes out being turned off for 5 hours it seems to be happening. The pool is on all day and night EXCEPT from 2pm, to 7pm everyday, (It's only...
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    Whelp. I made a rookie mistake, didn't mess anything up, but feel pretty silly. I am not sure what cold temps do to CYA, but I had zero in my pool at the start of this season. I thought my SWG wasn't working correctly as I was loosing chlorine so fast. I felt I had the chemicals down to a...
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    Like I mentioned I have a Artesian spa that is acting up, last year the heater core as well as the two temperature sensors were replaced as the heater was tripping the breaker. The temperature sensor is now getting too hot and shutting down the heating of the spa. The older sensor I had would...
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    So for the past few years I have been using the Polaris brand sponges, I would buy them in a 6 pack or so and they would wear out fairly quickly, seemed like every other month or so. The sponge that came with the robot lasted like a year or so, much better material I believe. I found that a...
  5. jeremycrook

    Jandy heater chiller h20 sensor

    My unit is saying shorted H2O sensor, can someone show me where this is located so I can test continuity on this sensor?
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    I have used these in the past for the winter months. How much copper is released from these tabs per tab? Trying to calculate how much copper I may added to my pool. I am assuming the copper only gets out of the water from splashing out or pumping out? If I added lets say 5 tabs to a 10,000...
  7. jeremycrook

    Polaris PB4-60 seal replacement

    These below freezing temperatures have reeked havoc on my booster pump seals. I am going to tackle this job this weekend, I was looking for parts and there are some questionable reviews for the Tork brand and Aladdin brand parts kit. Should I just go to the pool store and purchase one from...
  8. jeremycrook

    Filter Guage

    I installed a glycerin filled pressure gauge at the end of last summer. I was doing some routine maintenance this weekend and noticed that when the pumps were off the gauge was reading 10 PSI. I turned the pumps on and it's up to nearly 30 psi, I didn't know if the gauge is messed up, or...
  9. jeremycrook

    Freeze protection switch

    I know that I have read to set this to 32 degrees, or the lowest setting. (which is 32 for me) I have monitored it during some cool conditions, and it worried me it wasn't on, or hadn't tripped when I went out. Therefore I raised it until it clicked on, like 36 degrees. I also have this...
  10. jeremycrook

    Open pool during a vacation in winter

    I leave my pool open all year and generally don't have many problems during the winter as I keep a close eye on everything when it gets below freezing temperatures. I live in Oklahoma City and the winters are generally mild, however we may have a cold snap that wants to freeze the top of the...
  11. jeremycrook

    High CYA using pucks

    I am just wondering about how long it will take for an issue to occur if someone was solely using pucks? I have a friend that is following a completely different strategy and will not listen to me. He has a ozonator and I think an inline puck chlorination devise and I don't think he is adding...
  12. jeremycrook

    Jandy heat pump freeze prevention

    I have a Jandy heat pump / Chiller, the unit is electric. Can I set the heat pump to a setting just above the freezing level to avoid the pool from freezing without breaking the bank? I will be away for a few days and didn't want to stress about anything?
  13. jeremycrook

    Cl / swg / cl use in pool

    I have a few questions regarding my SWG and CL. I have noticed that my CL consumption has definitely fallen due to the change in weather. My SWG was set to 50%, and kept a nice ~7 and has rose due to what I believe is the temp change. Does the temperature effect this solely, or is the lack of...
  14. jeremycrook

    Plaster color ruined

    Pool is almost exactly one year old. Build date was 9/1/16. Plaster was colored at the lowest possible color/darkness or a 1 is what the builder called it. So the issue is that the color was changing, as it was turning a lighter white color. The pictures are the best I could get after...
  15. jeremycrook

    Chunk of plaster missing

    Long story short, massive straight-line wind managed to knock a cinder block into the pool. Luckily it's not horrible damage, but there is a mark. It's about the size of your thumb, and not too deep but you can definitely feel it, m/b ~1/4 inch at the middle? So will this speed deterioration...
  16. jeremycrook

    Should i worry about my ta?

    YESTERDAY'S TEST RESULTS: FC 4 CC 0 TC 4 PH 7.5 TA 90 CH 350 CYA 70 TEMP 87 SALT 3200 BORATES 50 Should I worry at all about my TA being on the higher end of the recommended levels? My CSI is -.21 which is "balanced" according to pool math. However I have my PH down at the lower...
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    6 months - time for borates?

    Last test results as of yesterday 3/13/17: FC 8 PH 7.5 TA 70 CH 375 CYA was 30 - Sunday I added 1 quart CYA into skimmer to move up to 60+ TEMP 51 SALT 3200 My CSI was a little off with these numbers however if the temp was higher the CSI would be...
  19. jeremycrook

    Next week start heat pump

    So this is my first "season" with my new pool, we were able to swim a few weekends last season but didn't quite understand how everything worked. So my question is with the heat pump, I have a Jandy JE3000TR (heater/chiller). From what I see next weeks temps will be in the mid 70's - 80's even...
  20. jeremycrook

    What to do temporarily?

    Our pool was finished with plaster and water 9/23-24. We put in a SWG, however we were told to wait to add salt until spring. The pool builder added a clarifier, 1/2 gallon of Muriatic Acid and now it's had 4 pucks of 3" chlorine tabs. I ordered a test kit, but only have test strips for the...
  21. jeremycrook

    New pool Installed / 2nd day pool owner

    I am a new pool owner, in-ground plaster pool. I believe the approximate size was 14K gallons. Look forward to learning from everyone.