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  1. Panzer

    Looking for new AGP

    Well after us having the house 10yrs (pool being about 17 yrs).. the top rails are corroded to the point that there are holes in them. Some are missing inches of material. It's a Zodic/Muskin that I can no longer find parts for so, we've been preparing to replace it this year. Intent was to...
  2. Panzer

    Recovery from heater loss

    Thought I'd put this out there... was working very long days for about a week. Asked the nephew to watch the pool while I was unable. UNFORTUNATELY he got carried away/ mistook the the Muriatic Acid for the Liquid Chlorine. Bottom line... dropped my pH into the 5 range for a week. Put the...
  3. Panzer

    Panzer- Newb from Windy City burbs

    Thought I'd intro... I'm Panzer from South of the Windy. New to the forum & already finding lots of good info. This will be our second year with a pool, managed to get through the first year with no issues (thanks mostly to blind luck & some advice from a few friends w/ pools). Wanted to get...