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  1. Brilis

    Thinking of a VS pump. What size?

    Hey guys, I have a 25K gallon vinyl in ground pool. Right now I have a 1HP Heyward 115v pump/motor with 1.5 inch inlet/outlets. I see the VS seems to be all 2 inch and 230v. Anything that anyone could recommend for me, I don't want to change the voltage. Thanks.
  2. Brilis

    All new piping and pump at end of the season.

    Hey again, My piping looks to be original and although not in rough shape I am looking to replace all the above ground 1.5 inch piping. I have a possible suction leak which hopefully this will address. I can get all the 1.5 inch PVC, unions and ball valves at the big box stores but I was...
  3. Brilis

    Air going through my pump

    Morning guys. 24K gallon vinyl liner in ground pool. 1HP new at the beginning of the season Hayward 1HP pump and motor assembly. Also have a Sta Rite nat gas 333K heater. 2 skimmers. One in the deep end one sort of closer to the shallow end. Pool is overfull for a few days. Skimmers at different...
  4. Brilis

    Should this valve be closed during normal operation?

    Hey guys, I have 2 skimmers, so 2 inch and one half lines coming back from the pool going to my pump. A 3rd line labeled vacuum is also coming back. I know it is for the vacuum port in the pool. I don't vacuum with it. I use a robot and brushing. I have always left it closed. My questions is...
  5. Brilis

    Optimum CYA

    Hey, If you have a 24K IG vinyl liner chlorine pool, and had your choice of any CYA level, what would the optimum level be? Very confusing about CYA and chlorine level to run. I get that part but if you had a choice, where would you ant to be? Thanks.
  6. Brilis

    Fresh and clear

    Hey all, Anyone hear of or ever use a product called Fresh and Clear? I see it on Amazon, the pool store. For the most part good reviews. Does it really work or is it something that could cause a problem with your pool equipment.? My wife says snake oil hah. Just wondering some opinions. Thanks.
  7. Brilis

    Total Chlorine a little higher then Free Chlorine

    Morning guys, Did a water test last evening and my total chlorine is just a little higher then my free chlorine. 2.0 for free chlorine and maybe 2.3 for total chlorine. Other #'s are follows; PH 8.1 TA 130 CYA 40 Added Muriatic Acid last night according to pool math. Thoughts? Thanks!!
  8. Brilis

    Need a new pool pump

    Morning guys, I am going to replace my existing pool pump. The existing is a Hayward Super Pump. The motor info has peeled off. I just moved into the house in Nov. It is running but it's very old and starting to leak slightly underneath. I just want to replace the motor and pump. I have a 24K...
  9. Brilis

    CYA with Taylor 2005 test kit

    I tested my CYA and kept adding the drops waiting for the black dot to disappear which it finally did. I was just wondering if you really have to make sure the black dot is 110% gone. So you see NONE of it at all. Thanks for the help.
  10. Brilis

    Newbie finally got a test kit, need some help

    Hey again guys, 24K gallon IG vinyl liner pool. Water temp 80 degrees. Finally received my Taylor 2006 test kit. New liner 3 weeks ago, fresh fill with water trucks, spring water. Here are my readings as of yesterday. FC 2.5 TC 2.5 PH 7.2 TA 200 CH 165 CYA 45 I have been adding Muriatic...
  11. Brilis

    New pool owner in need of help please

    Hey all, I am in NJ and just moved into a house with an in ground pool. 18x36 with 25K gallons. I just had a new liner put in about a week ago. I had the pool filled with 4 water trucks with 25K gallons of spring water. Water was 60 degrees, turned on heater and brought water up to 77. Water...