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  1. JodieM

    Timer Question

    Will this timer work with my Polaris booster pump? I got the timer at an auction. Outdoor Digital Timer Box
  2. JodieM

    Salt level in a chlorine pool

    I read on here a lot that even chlorine pools have some salt in them. Can someone explain where the salt comes from? I’m sure it’s a breakdown from the basic chems we add, like liquid chlorine, but I’m interested in the what’s and how’s so I can explain it to someone else. Thanks!
  3. JodieM

    Chlorine Pucks in Skimmer = Disaster

    Found this picture on a group page. Poster was asking how this happened to her liner. Chlorine Pucks kept in a skimmer basket is my guess as well as not maintaining PH. Was so blown away by this photo I just had to share!
  4. JodieM

    Chlorine Overload

    Helping a friend with her pool. She started her 2nd SLAM yesterday, she said previous one cleared June 20. Anyway, she overdosed her water with chlorine yesterday. FC 43 CYA 50 PH was 7.8 before SLAM She has a fiberglass pool and an IC20 salt cell. Not sure if she has a heater, probably does...
  5. JodieM

    Cleaning Hot Tub Filters

    We have a 2019 Master Spa stand alone hot tub. It has the original Pleatco filter in it. I remove the filter on a regular basis and hose it off. I was reading about a filter cleaner. What do you use? Is there anything that can be made at home to soak and clean them in?
  6. JodieM

    Can Sight Glass stay on?

    I can not seem to get my plastic sight glass off. Will it hurt anything to leave it in and just remove the pressure gauge this winter?
  7. JodieM

    Line blow out Question

    Is this red circled area the spot where we blow out all of our return lines and the skimmers too? What position do I put my multi port on to bypass the sand filter? I have no main drain. Do I change the multi port to different settings for suction line and return lines?
  8. JodieM

    OK to SLAM with Copper in water?

    Vinyl liner pool, previous owners used a product with copper in it. EZ Pool. Pool won’t hold chlorine, CYA 100. No algae present. SLAM to see if there is anything bacteria in the water. Will this unbind the copper and cause a catastrophe of stains to take care of? Or turn the water brown?
  9. JodieM

    EZ Pool Won’t hold Chlorine

    Friend has a new home with a pool. Previous owners used EZ Pool. I am helping them learn pool care. Their pool will not hold chlorine. The have been exchanging water and have their CYA down to 95. They are adding 12.5% liquid and can’t hold chlorine over 1. They are targeting FC 11. Is there...
  10. JodieM

    VS Pump - Pressure gauge Question

    Pool (not mine) is about a month old. Fiberglass, abt 7600 gal. Jandy 300 lb Sand filter, Jandy VS pump, sun deck fountains. Pressure has been steady at 20 psi at 3450 speed. Today she vacuumed and then backwashed, but forgot to rinse. Pressure is showing 30 psi. Had her rinse for 30 sec...
  11. JodieM

    Where to add SWCG

    So a couple with a new house that I’m helping with chemistry want to add a SWCG to their pool. Here is their plumbing. If I’m thinking right the cell goes in after the water is filtered and being returned? They don’t have much room at the pad. Where would you put it? Oh, and what might be the...
  12. JodieM

    No TA/ Low low PH

    Today I worked with a couple that just bought a 28,700 gallon vinyl, sand filter, chlorine pool, that came with a house. My question is about the best way to address PH and TA. The rest I am very familiar with. FC 0.5 CC 0.5 PH so low I guessed 6 TA so low I guessed 0 to - (Water sample...
  13. JodieM

    Algicide Question

    For a friend... Is benzyl ammonium chloride a quat algacide? He wants to use In The Swim. As I never use that stuff I really don’t know.
  14. JodieM

    Any hacks to convert a sport socket to an umbrella socket?

    I had a kidney transplant 9 mo ago and bc of my immune suppression meds can no longer sit in the sun. We have a sports socket next to the pool and would like to put an umbrella in it to cast shade over a portion of the water for me to hang out in. Do they make such a converter or has someone...
  15. JodieM

    Dull Water - Good Test Results

    Opened the Auto cover on the pool today, (pool has been open a few weeks, close cover at night) Water looks dull. My test results look good. Should I lower PH anyway? Might that help restore my TFP sparkles? Not showing is CC and it is 0
  16. JodieM

    What Causes SWG Electrode Corrosion?

    My Jandy Aqua Pure will be 2 years old next month. It began to leak on the surface of the clear lid last season. A new lid has been ordered under warranty. I had a look at the old one today and noticed that the center electrode plate is chipped away like corrosion. What would cause this? My PM...
  17. JodieM

    Leaking MPV and plumbing Question

    Opened my friends pool today and noticed that her MPV o-ring needs replaced as it is leaking. Here is her current set up. Could we just get a new piece of flex pipe and run it to the pipe fitting that goes into the MPV? Is there a reason the PB added these 2 extra fittings? Also, can someone...
  18. JodieM

    Tackle TA before adding chlorine?

    Just purged the hot tub with Ahhsome, drained and refilled with tap water. Here are my tap water results: FC 0 PH 7.5 TA 310 CH 175 CYA 0 Tub 250 gallons Should I tackle the TA problem first or is it ok to get some chlorine and cya in there while working on TA?
  19. JodieM

    For the newcomers

    I was using the search option to look up a water chemistry question when I found this reply that pretty much sums up maintaining a Trouble Free Pool. It literally made me laugh out loud and is so true! So if you’re new to TFP, I encourage you to stick around. You’ll have the clearest pool on the...
  20. JodieM

    100k Gallon Pool!

    Watching Insane Pools tonight and this family created a truly insane pool. It’s 100 feet long and 100,000 gallons! A mild side glam area and a wild area with a tree house and 21 ft high, 140 ft long water slide and a fire inside of the grotto and the spa is on top of the 8.5 ft grotto. Here a...
  21. JodieM

    Pool Math App Update

    I see the Pool Math app has had an update. Thanks for always improving and giving us your best!! Check out your app and see if you notice the changes!
  22. JodieM

    Pool Finish Gallery

    I found the Vinyl Liner Gallery here VINYL LINERS Is there a link to other pool finishes and colors?
  23. JodieM

    2020 Date to Day of Yr Link

    I know some Bleach products use the Julian code to say when a bottle of bleach was made. Today I found this site and wanted to share a link you can easily reference while picking up bleach. I read in here somewhere we need to be aware leftover bleach from last year may have been stored away for...
  24. JodieM

    Jandy Multi Port Decal

    Need to replace the Jandy Multi Port Valve sticker, but can not find a Jandy branded one online. I can only find Hayward and Pentair products. Has anyone else had to do this?
  25. JodieM

    How To SLAM a swamp without no liquid chlorine?

    What is the suggestion when you can't get liquid chlorine or bleach at your local stores? What is in bags of powder shock? Would that work in between waiting for orders of bleach to arrive? Waiting for test results (I am helping someone I know. Have recommended he log into TFP and...
  26. JodieM

    SLAM question re: Filter

    Helping someone with their pool that been closed for 18 mo.... When a person has a swamp full of leaves, etc, is it best to run the Sand filter pump on recirculate while scooping the debris and adding liquid chlorine according to cya/chlorine SLAM guidelines?
  27. JodieM

    What is this?

    Helping a new pool owner sort out their new pool via photos. Is this a Polaris valve or a PVC insert to blow out the line during closing? Or something else?
  28. JodieM

    I Love TFP

    Dear TFP Family, Hey all, Jodi here, it’s March in Indiana and I’m itching for some warmer weather so I can open my pool. I just recently joined a Facebook group for swimming pool owners and was giving my TFP knowledge to help out some folks who had some questions. I got attacked by several...
  29. JodieM

    Ahhhsome Question

    We bought our freestanding spa tub in May last year. We’ve changed water twice but never done a deep clean. Soon we will be dumping and refilling with fresh water again. My question is do you add the ahhsome product to your current water or a fresh batch of water? Picture...because who...
  30. JodieM

    Black Scum in Skimmer

    About 6 weeks ago I cleaned the black scum off of the insides of the skimmer basket, had surgery and now I’m back outside caring for the pool and noticed that the scum has reappeared. No one has used the pool in the last 6 weeks as I’m trying to let the water temp drift down to 60 for closing...