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  1. Molson

    Hot tub in sunroom - drainage

    Our new hot tub will be delivered in a few weeks. We are installing it in the sunroom which overlooks the pool and yard. A new platform will be built to support the weight of the tub. Since the floor in the room is level, there won't be much for positive drainage to an "outside" location. My...
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    :wave: Long time. :)
  3. Molson

    take a peek at these results

    Hi everyone!! its been a while since I`ve been here! Anywho, I`m out of reagents and have been dealing with slight clouding. 19,000 gals. SWG, vinyl liner. Test yesterday: CYA: 0 (expected, since corrected) Salt: 4200 TC: 1 FC: 1 TA: 100 CH: 100 pH: 7.5 to me, these numbers look spot on...
  4. Molson

    TA of 440?

    I tested the water in the pool that we had filled on Monday. All parameters tested fine, but the TA came out to be 440, did I make a mistake? Or is this something I can fix?
  5. Molson

    New liner install.

    Hey folks, been a while since I've posted here. Our liner was showing its age (23 years) last year, brittle above the tile line, stretch holes in the corners, etc. We decided when we closed that we would replace it in the spring as we didn't want a catastrophic failure when full. Empire Pools...
  6. Molson

    Sand filter laterals

    I am changing the sand in my Hayward filter, as I don't know when the previous owner did it, and I'm on my 3rd year of ownership. The old sand doesn't look too bad compared to the new stuff, just a little yellow and clumpy at the bottom. Anyhow, I took the laterals out to clean them, and...
  7. Molson

    Leak at the 3-way valve

    So, fired the pump up today after the electrician came and rewired. Discovered that the 3way valve is leaking where the pipe is glued in. It had a minor drip last year that I wasn't worried about, but this year its worse, constant leak. Taking it apart won't work, as its the glued joint on...
  8. Molson

    Pig Candy

    Simple, but yummy! Keep the heart attack meds handy... Take 3 lbs of thick sliced bacon and 2 - 3 lbs of dark brown sugar (must be dark brown). Cut bacon into thirds, seperate and put in full size disposable foil steam pan. Add sugar and get real messy. Sugar should be pressed into the bacon...
  9. Molson

    Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT's)

    Atomic Buffalo Turds: 20-30 Large Jalapeno peppers (this will make 40-60 turds) 1 block cream cheese, room temperature 1 package thick sliced bacon 40-60 toothpicks Small package of Little Smokies (The amount of peppers determins the finished turds) Take the peppers, cut the off the...
  10. Molson

    Interesting cater this weekend

    We catered an event up in northern Ontario this weekend, near Huntsville if anyone is familiar with the province. This was a lake association dinner. We were advised we'd be cooking on the beach, neat we said. Cooked for 110, I think we served around 95, very few leftover which we love. (Cause...
  11. Molson

    Canadian Open now Complete

    We competed in the Canadian Open 2 weekends ago and faired quite well, We placed 7th overall out of 27 teams. We were elated, we lost one member after last season and this year the two of us were doing it alone with all new recipes and sauces. We also placed 2nd in the best booth competition...
  12. Molson

    Ditch brominator for Liquidator?

    I currently have a bromine pool, since April I have used a small bucket of pucks in the brominator, approx $130.00. I know that Cl added to a bromine pool will convert to bromine. Can I safely replace the brominator with a liquidator and switch to bleach?
  13. Molson

    Here it is, my paradise(56k be weary)

    I bought this in November, love it. Since I have bought it I became single, so its now a great bachelor pad. :) House built 1967 House reno'd, addition put on 1985 Pool built 1989
  14. Molson

    First competition this weekend....

    So we had our first comp, it was the second in the Ontario Series (We had to miss the first) Great weather, 29-32 C all weekend. Our team has 2 members this year, last year we had 3. Its a typical competion with the usual categories, beef brisket, pork shoulder, ribs and chicken. Last year we...
  15. Molson

    Question on rain and pH levels

    My pool has been open since late April. No one has been in it yet, still waiting for it to warm up. Temp at ~74 now. I tested my water a few weeks ago and the pH was 7.5 . Bromine levels have been fine (Have brominator). I tested the pH a couple days ago and it was low, 7.1/7.2ish. We have had...
  16. Molson

    Heat faster with or without cover?

    Here is the question. Will the pool heat up faster with the cover (solar) on during the day, or off? I understand leaving it on for the night is best, just curious if the cover will hinder the sunlight from heating the water.
  17. Molson

    Hey Sean...

    Whats a Bargeque? :lol:
  18. Molson

    Automatic Cleaner, not cleaning?

    I have a Barracuda Classic that came with the pool. It has a pressure regulator attachment that is supposed to go on between the hose and the skimmer inlet. With it connected in any setting, the cleaner wil not work. My local pool store advised it is fine to hook directly to the skimmer. So I...
  19. Molson

    Remote pool thermometer

    Anyone recommend any specific remote thermometer for pool temps? I'd like to know what the temp is from the comfort of my recliner. :) I had a $20 jobbie that I used for my woodstove room, and the manual said the probe was good for spas and pools, but alas the probe went haywire and constantly...
  20. Molson

    Opened last week, here is the store test

    Done with a biogard drop/computer test. Note: Bromine pool Temp: 60 TDS: 275 (no idea what this is) Sanitizer (br) 1.3 pH: 7.5 TA: 85 CH 125 According to Jason's caluclator, I need 254oz of baking soda, 195 oz calcium chloride. I turned up the brominator to get the sanitizer #s up and will...
  21. Molson

    2 lines in the skimmer?

    I was filling the pool after removing the cover, enjoying a cold beer and decided to peek at the skimmer. While I was there, I removed the Gizmo (Why can't I invent such simple things and make a ton of cash?) I noticed that, other than the line teh gizmo was sealing, there was another typical...
  22. Molson

    New pool owner. first opening. Silly question.

    I removed the cover yesterday and started filling the pool. I've inserted the return eyes. (thats about it so far) Tonight I'll take out the gizmo, put the plugs back in, hook lines, etc etc. I want to vacuum to waste when I get the system going, question I have, is, where is the waste going...
  23. Molson


    Hey all, been reading my face off for a couple days here, great resource for pool owners!! I purchased a house and moved in in November. So there has been snow on the ground since move in, just melting now. (yay!) I haven't "seen" the pool in action since I first saw the house summer 2007...
  24. Molson

    How do I use Bromine in my spa (or pool)?

    Originally Posted by waterbear There is a lot of misinformation on the proper way to use Bromine so I hope this primer is helpful. First, you need to establish a bromide reserve in the water. Bromine tablets can do it by themselves but it can take literally weeks until enough dissolves. Some...