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  1. SouthVirginiaPool

    New VRXiQ+ Polaris pool robot - initial impressions

    After reading many reviews I purchased the Polaris VRXiQ+. I have used it twice and am happy with it. Unboxing - it was easy to put together the caddy, it basically snapped together - glad to have it. App - I have strong internet by the pool thanks to my EERO mesh router. It was easy to...
  2. SouthVirginiaPool

    Pool cover recommendations for Virginia like weather - solid vs mesh?

    I have a pretty standard L shaped in ground pool and am looking at getting a pool cover for the winter. My pool builder has been very trustworthy and is recommending a high density mesh cover. I can still choose a solid cover if I want, but he said he has many clients (they do pool openings and...
  3. SouthVirginiaPool

    Best use yet for tanning ledge lounges

    So the wife wanted the tanning ledge for the little grandkids. She got 2 loungers that you fill with water - they are very heavy and I don't really lay on them. They are finding more use keeping the grandkids corralled on the tanning ledge - they love their new expensive "fort".
  4. SouthVirginiaPool

    Continuing new BBQ/Kitchen Island build

    So Mother's Day weekend was spent starting an outdoor BBQ kitchen with raised bar. I spend most of Saturday measuring things 3 times, and anchoring the left wall to the concrete. By Sunday I was much more proficient at cutting and joining the metal studs (had never worked with them before) and...
  5. SouthVirginiaPool

    Anyone use CAT6 HDMI BALUNs? Help getting receiver/speakers/TV setup correctly over outdoor fireplace

    We finished our outdoor patio and fireplace next to the pool. I had planned a TV over the fireplace, and ran CAT6 wire from the fireplace to inside the house 30 feet away on advice of the GEEK SQUAD (thru the now sealed off ceiling). They mumbled a lot a technical geek stuff and using "BALUN's"...
  6. SouthVirginiaPool

    Metal studs for outdoor BBQ island??

    I plan on building an outdoor kitchen island for the BBQ grill etc. I picked up some galvanized steel studs from Lowes, but in retrospect they seem kind of flimsy when considering putting heavy concrete or granite counter on top of the island. I know the concrete board will help brace this, but...
  7. SouthVirginiaPool

    New Virginia Pool happy to find this forum and happy owner of K2006c test kit

    So after lurking, reading, learning and seeing the light I now feel pretty comfortable taking care of my new pool. Just 3 weeks ago I was trying to hire a pool guy to help me take care of my pool, but most are not taking new customers due to COVID19 here. Now I realize I don't need one (and...
  8. SouthVirginiaPool

    K2006C versus TF100

    I just joined the forum and bought the K2006c from AMAZON. However I see most people recommend the TF-100. It seems pretty close to each other when I look at the specs. Why is the TF-100 recommended over the K2006c other than price? Thank you for all the info I've absorbed so far - following...