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  1. BuckeyeMac

    How would you fix this plumbing?

    That is a GREAT idea! Thank you!
  2. BuckeyeMac

    How would you fix this plumbing?

    So I had permanent electrical run out to the pump last year (with a ground around the pool), however, they used the existing plumbing I had and you can see the return to the pool was dangling. How would you fix this so that it's more rigid? Would you do a couple 45 turns down to the ground with...
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  4. BuckeyeMac

    Filter Crack

    Hayward is sending out a new filter body free of charge! Now to try and find a way to plug up the pool so I don’t lose precious water!
  5. BuckeyeMac

    Filter Crack

    Well, called Hayward and I’ve got a ticket # and waiting for a call back from a technician in the next 24-48 hours. Hopefully we can get the body of the filter replaced at no cost. 🤞🏼 For now, filter is on recirculate.
  6. BuckeyeMac

    Filter Crack

    Ah thanks! Yup Hayward. I’ll give them a call tomorrow. And I’ll throw it on recirculate before the timer kicks on in the morning. Thank you!!!
  7. BuckeyeMac

    Filter Crack

    Was floating around the pool when I noticed the outside of our fence was shiny. Went over and saw that the filter is spraying water out the top. Thankfully it’s not a bad crack yet. Looks like it’s cracked along the seam of the sand filter up near the top. What are my options here. Bought new...
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  10. BuckeyeMac

    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    Well, appears it’s not BOGO - 11% through next weekend
  11. BuckeyeMac

    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    Usually Menards will post the ad a few days ahead of time no? I would hate to wait and see if we do get the deal, and then not be able to at least get 11% off.
  12. BuckeyeMac

    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    Fingers crossed! My Menards here just went from 0 to 1,300 over this past weekend. I need some LC!
  13. BuckeyeMac

    Dirt/Dead Algae?

    Thanks! Yup - I’ve got CYA and a sock - will be putting it in probably today or tomorrow. I’m pretty sure it’s dirt/pollen. My skimmer socks get a thick layer of yellow stuff by the end of the day. I also just rinsed a couple of socks I used the last few days in a bucket...and at the bottom of...
  14. BuckeyeMac

    Dirt/Dead Algae?

    Okay so I did an OCLT last night. FC last night was 5.5 This morning with a little bit of sun (about 2 hours) was at 5.0 Still getting a 0 CC reading
  15. BuckeyeMac

    Dirt/Dead Algae?

    So when I would swim last year, I took a pair of goggles and went to the bottom - it almost looks like brown dust. It sweeps up very easy. Once it gets disturbed, it disappears in the water. Test results are all in normal spec... FC - 5 CC - 0 PH - 7.5 CH - 300 TA - 120 CYA - 20 Not worried...
  16. BuckeyeMac

    Dirt/Dead Algae?

    Good morning fellow TFPers! I had this same problem last year...I have these spots that show up on the bottom of the pool. You can see them in the attached pictures. It's really bad in the middle of the pool because last night we had some high winds & most of that is leaves/pine...
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  19. BuckeyeMac

    TFP Testament

    So let me preface, we moved into our house about 1.5 years ago. The previous owners closed the pool prior to us moving in. Last year I opened to a black swamp. 30 gallons of liquid chlorine. I also cheated a bit by using a flocculant and then vac’d to waste. Just took the cover off the pool...
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  22. BuckeyeMac

    powdery brown dusty silt

    I’ve been battling this all summer. We have a ton of pollen and junk in the air (surrounded by fields). I’m still not sure what it is. This fall when I close the pool, I’ll open up the filter and see if it’s channeled. Could be algae? Who knows. It I haven’t gotten a CC reading since late April...
  23. BuckeyeMac

    Spring opening with well water

    Did it work for you?!
  24. BuckeyeMac

    I've got absolutely no clue where to start!

    Wow that looks awesome! Well done! ??
  25. BuckeyeMac

    opened 4 days ago still hazy

    How much FC are you losing during the day? It’s normal to lose some due to the sun!
  26. BuckeyeMac

    Spring opening with well water

    The return bucket is filled with polyfil (pillow stuffing) and multiple 1/4” holes drilled into the bottom. I did not notice a ton being caught in there as the culligan filter caught probably 95% of the metals/iron.
  27. BuckeyeMac

    Spring opening with well water

    Have you made any progress @sammismommy
  28. BuckeyeMac

    First time opening my AGP.

    View the CYA chart. You need to add some liquid chlorine to get up to maintain levels. Your Free Chlorine is really low and if it stays low you are asking for algae. You need a more accurate reading of your CYA than 30-50. Looks like you also need to raise your PH. I would do this by aerating...
  29. BuckeyeMac

    Black dirt like growth? Persistent but easy to disperse

    I am pretty sure mine is pollen. We have REALLY HIGH pollen counts by us. And when it rains, there is very little that accumulates on the bottom. I've been using skimmer socks since I noticed the black dirt like in the bottom, and I've had to empty it out 2-3 times a day because there's so much.
  30. BuckeyeMac

    Spring opening with well water

    Good luck! Hope it works for you!