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  1. JodieM

    Timer Question

    Thank you Allen!
  2. JodieM

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Ran the robot and admired how clean and sparkly the water is! I’m in Indiana, heater is off and all the pool toys were put away 2 weeks ago. No trees. Just time to enjoy it till we close it down at the end of Oct/early Nov.
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    Timer Question

    Will this timer work with my Polaris booster pump? I got the timer at an auction. Outdoor Digital Timer Box
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    CYA is 0 - Pool service says it's okay and left it at that.

    No. It does not monitor FC levels. You will monitor them with your test kit. You will start by adding the stabilizer into the pool via the sock method. Then adjust your chlorine with liquid chlorine to hit your target. If CYA is 70, your target FC is 5. Then adjust the output of your SWCG to...
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    CYA is 0 - Pool service says it's okay and left it at that.

    Your FC can be anything if your salt cell is generating chlorine, that won’t indicate the presence of cya. It’s just working harder to continually generate chlorine, thus shortening the life of the cell, because there is no CYA to protect the chlorinee from UV burn off. For a saltwater pool add...
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    Salt level in a chlorine pool

    Do chlorine pucks also contain some salt? “For every 10 ppm Free Chlorine (FC) in chlorinating liquid or bleach, there is also around 8-9 ppm salt. When the chlorine gets used/consumed, there is another 8-9 ppm salt for a total of 17 ppm salt. ALL sources of chlorine result in salt, but...
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    Salt level in a chlorine pool

    I read on here a lot that even chlorine pools have some salt in them. Can someone explain where the salt comes from? I’m sure it’s a breakdown from the basic chems we add, like liquid chlorine, but I’m interested in the what’s and how’s so I can explain it to someone else. Thanks!
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    Chlorine Pucks in Skimmer = Disaster

    Or their very own pool builder! Now he can replace the liner, the skimmer plate, skimmer basket and the guts of the heater! It’s a win win for him!
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    Chlorine Pucks in Skimmer = Disaster

    Found this picture on a group page. Poster was asking how this happened to her liner. Chlorine Pucks kept in a skimmer basket is my guess as well as not maintaining PH. Was so blown away by this photo I just had to share!
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    Chlorine pucks in skimmer.jpg

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    White powder in pool

    I have a sand filter with a multi-port valve so for me I just set the valve to waste, with my vacuum line in the skimmer box it pulls the water from the hose and discharges it to the ground bypassing the filter. I don’t have experience with other types of filters, but found this article that...
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    White powder in pool

    Vacuum it to waste instead of letting it go into your filter.
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    Chlorine Overload

    Thank you! It’s sunny and 86 today!
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    Chlorine Overload

    Helping a friend with her pool. She started her 2nd SLAM yesterday, she said previous one cleared June 20. Anyway, she overdosed her water with chlorine yesterday. FC 43 CYA 50 PH was 7.8 before SLAM She has a fiberglass pool and an IC20 salt cell. Not sure if she has a heater, probably does...
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    Cleaning Hot Tub Filters

    Thanks everyone. We do soak the filter in the hot tub when we purge with Ahh-some and change water out. I’ll look for the Mikise filter products.
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    Cleaning Hot Tub Filters

    We have a 2019 Master Spa stand alone hot tub. It has the original Pleatco filter in it. I remove the filter on a regular basis and hose it off. I was reading about a filter cleaner. What do you use? Is there anything that can be made at home to soak and clean them in?
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    Sand filter medium

    @mknauss what would cause his calcium to be dropping from suspension and sit in the bottom of the pool everyday?
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    Algaecide Made Pool Cloudy

    Here are the links to the recommended test kits. They allow you to test everything your pool needs tested. They are easy to use, color coded and come with instructions. The helpful folks on this forum will need to read a complete and reliable set of test results to help you if you have problems...
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    Momma needs help with slam please please please

    Download the Pool Math app. Input your pool size/type/material. Then add you test results and you will get the suggestions as to how much chemicals to add. 1. Get some CYA in your water to protect the chlorine you are going to be using. 2. Adjust PH to 7.2. After you get more than 10ppm of...
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    Antifreeze and pool chemistry

    Uploading for Truk71
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    Momma needs help with slam please please please

    It’s really hard to say. Everyone’s pool is different. Just because the water is clear in a few days doesn’t mean it’s safe to swim in yet. Your pool must be able to hold chlorine overnight, if not it is still fighting bacteria and organic yuck. I personally wouldn’t feel safe allowing people to...
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    Momma needs help with slam please please please

    Make sure your water level is at mid skimmer, you don’t want your system to start sucking air. To do a hard SLAM you will need a better test kit.* Keep adding liquid chlorine and maintain it at 5ppm until your new kit arrives. *Your Poolmaster kit does not test for CYA and it can only test...
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    Pool Math Min / Max Parameter Changes?

    The only thing I can answer is that Apple sends me the pool math app renewal reminder. Go to your App Store, click your profile picture, click subscriptions and you’ll see your next billing date.
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    Why choose TF-100 or Taylor K2006? And, preview of the new TF-Pro and TF-Pro SALT

    I love the TFP box because it is slim and flat it fits in the drawer in my laundry room.