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  4. djdonte

    Getting weird stain out of new plaster

    I'm not convinced thats iron on a 25 year old weir door. I have never had problems with iron before. In any case I tried rubbing spots with vitamin C pills and no effect. I also tried a gum eraser and a stainless brush. The brush seemed to help a tiny bit but I did not want to go crazy with it...
  5. djdonte

    Getting weird stain out of new plaster

    That’s weird because it’s never done that before. I’ll try that tho. Just run of the mill vitamin C from the grocery store?
  6. djdonte

    Getting weird stain out of new plaster

    Quartzscape is about 3 months old. My natural stone waterfall always leaves stone "dust" on my tanning ledge, which I am pretty good about brushing off. This time I was out of town for a long weekend and when I got back, most of the dust brushed off but it seems no amount of brushing with my...
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  8. djdonte

    Where does CYA go?

    I lose CYA in the summer due to the heat but maybe 5-10ppm per month MAX. Lately I have been losing due to rain and overflow/dilution. The CYA test is super subjective as well unlike all the other tests. You did not mention if/what your own results were, but I wouldn't pee on Leslies if it was...
  9. djdonte

    SWG and Pump synchronization

    To echo what everyone else said, the SWG should be wired with the pump, or otherwise shut off when its not running. Get a real test kit for salt, as the strips are unreliable, and the sensor in your salt cell has a lot of different factors going on as well, and could be obscured by mineral...
  10. djdonte

    New(ish) plaster using up acid normal?

    I’m having to add 13oz of acid every other day just about. Goes right back to 8.2. It seems excessive to me. The rain isn’t helping either. I’m almost starting to think my acid is diluted or something. It’s the same 30baume I get from pinch a penny. My TA was 80 a few weeks ago, maybe I should...
  11. djdonte

    question about the economics of converting to SWG

    I was only spending 50ish a month on LC in the summer and 1/4 of that in the winter, so 1200 bucks on a SWG didnt really add up number wise. I did it so I didnt have to lug bottles of bleach from the store every month. Its hard to put a price on that. Also the water is softer. I really dont...
  12. djdonte

    Skimmer ID help? Door replacement

    I subscribe to pool math I thought that was the same ?
  13. djdonte

    Skimmer ID help? Door replacement

    Thanks guys that was the right part. One of my doors had no foam and the other was in rough shape so I just ordered two.
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  15. djdonte

    Skimmer ID help? Door replacement

    Yes that is where I found Pacfab. The model number box was blank though.
  16. djdonte

    Skimmer ID help? Door replacement

    Thanks. It is pacfab/hayward and I ordered that part. Ill let you know if it fits. I am not sure on that part number but it seems to be obsolete, as that wier door you linked to on INYO is the only pacfab skimmer listed for non vinyl pools.
  17. djdonte

    Skimmer ID help? Door replacement

    Does anyone know what brand I should be looking towards with the seashell symbol? It’s also on the cover plate.
  18. djdonte

    Skimmer ID help? Door replacement

    Thanks. On further inspection there was no epoxy, just left over from my plaster job. Looks like I just need new foam..
  19. djdonte

    Skimmer ID help? Door replacement

    Of course I just threw away most of the previous owners paperwork and this happens. This door is broken, foam rotted, and looks like it was already repaired with epoxy. Anyways I need to replace this door. Pool is from 1998. Any ideas on where I should start looking as far as brands? Beer is...
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  23. djdonte

    DIY autofill plumbed to equipment pad

    Nice. I myself have my pool fill connected to the a sprinkler solenoid and to the 6th and unused zone on my sprinkler controller. It not automatic but the controller is wifi so if I notice the pool getting low I just use my phone to turn it on for 15-20 minutes.
  24. djdonte

    Major CYA loss

    During the summer the heat depletes my CYA slowly. I have to throw in a little maybe every 1-2 months. You have something else going on. Also you state you "dumped" 16 pounds of CYA in. CYA doesn't dissolve too easily so if you are truly just throwing in it, it might be sitting on the bottom...
  25. djdonte


    My RJ's salinity readings are in the ballpark compared to my legit test kit, so I use the cell more to just know if I am low or not. I still test salt once in a while or after a huge storm as my pool has an overflow pipe and its not always apparent when it floods. If your salt gets too low to...
  26. djdonte

    New(ish) plaster using up acid normal?

    How long are we talking? I thought after 30 days it was pretty much cured. I test concrete at work in an industrial setting and after 28 days it’s generally cured.
  27. djdonte

    New(ish) plaster using up acid normal?

    Had my plaster redone with quartz almost 45 days ago. I put salt in at the 30 day mark and ever since then its been using a lot of acid. When I first switched to salt a few years back I had to add 6-8oz a week to get the pH down to 7.6-7.8 and I just attributed this to not using liquid chlorine...
  28. djdonte

    How to deter bees

    They’re honey bees. I know what a fat carpenter bee looks like and we don’t have them.
  29. djdonte

    Pool Pump Timer - am I getting ripped off?

    A few thoughts: I have experience with several of those "smart plugs." They are great for things like Christmas lights, small sump pumps, etc. Although I cant find the verbiage on that amazon ad, I can almost guarantee that plug wont support the current required for your pump motor. I have gone...
  30. djdonte

    How to deter bees

    I had read about some plants they don't like so I might try that. Citronella would help with the mosquitos too I would guess. I did try dryer sheets to no avail. Was also thinking moth balls.