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  1. JessM

    Covered with Loop Loc but not closed - pump running

    I tried to find an answer for this, but a response in the old thread from 2013 that I linked below is the closest I could find. I would like to follow the TFP guidelines of not fully closing my pool until the water temperature is below 60°. I’m in Oklahoma though, and our weather varies wildly...
  2. JessM

    How to kill springtails!!!???

    Been there and done that with the springtails. We came home from a three day vacation to find the entire surface of the pool COVERED in them. We are still kind of fighting them, but just a little here and there. Our pool is new this year, and we laid sod all around it. We think that's where they...
  3. JessM

    Pump Not Working - How to Keep Pool Clean

    Me yesterday: Look at us! We are going to get through our whole first season without one pool problem! Me today: We have no power to the pool. Aaarrrgghhh! So I have read some posts here about non-working pumps. I get that while waiting for an electrician to fix the power issue I need to move...
  4. JessM

    Alternate cal hypo and bleach

    @Newdude Thanks! I was worried about the two mixing, even in the pool, which is what originally brought me back here looking for some great advice. I appreciate you guys!
  5. JessM

    Alternate cal hypo and bleach

    Like always, you guys are so helpful! Thanks for the info about switching from cal hypo to bleach (and maybe back again) and for the extra tips about keeping FC a little higher. I so appreciate all the help!
  6. JessM

    Alternate cal hypo and bleach

    Ok! So I can see two ways of being sure my FC never goes below the minimum as a result of a super sunny high-UV day. One, At night when I add cal hypo or bleach I can raise my FC levels 2 or 3 ppm higher than the recommended level so when it fades during the day, it fades to number above the...
  7. JessM

    Alternate cal hypo and bleach

    @mknauss - Thank you for the advice. The test I shared via screenshot was done at the end of a sunny, high-UV index day. My test results were 2 after a full day of sun, so I added cal hypo to bring my FC to 5, using Pool Math, of course, to help me know how much cal hypo to add. 😀 Are you saying...
  8. JessM

    Alternate cal hypo and bleach

    Short version: Can I safely use 73% cal hypo one day and then try the bleach method and then switch back if I don’t toting lots of bleach around? More detailed version: This is my first summer with my 19k fiberglass pool. My pool builder is my pool installer. He said treating water means just...
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  10. JessM

    Mosquito larvae (maybe springtails)

    Short Version: I did read some posts here about mosquito larvae on a pool, but can’t tell if what I see is mosquito larvae. Any experts care to weigh in? Longer version: I went out of town for three days. Before I left my water was amazing. FC: 5.8, CC: 0, Ph: 7.6, TA: 80, CH: 130, CYA: 35...
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  14. JessM

    CYA - Define “disappear” please

    Hi, @Texas Splash. I used the 25 ml test to test for CH. @HermanTX - I will test my tap water this evening. I’m on rural water out in the country in Oklahoma. I always thought I had hard water here. I’ll find out for sure tonight! We do not have a water softener. Thanks for the link. I’ll...
  15. JessM

    Marina Supply - Response Time

    I’m a newbie, but on advice here ordered my Warrior SE from Marina. I reached out to them via email first to ask questions. They responded three days later. I was ok with that. Then I got on the phone with them to place my order. The robot was at my house three days later. Great service so far...
  16. JessM

    CYA - Define “disappear” please

    Either I’m a horrible tester (likely) or my pool water is wonky (also likely). I added the calcium hardness test (because mgftp told me to get on it 🤣), but got 90, which seems low. In fact Pool Math wants me to add 93 pounds of calcium chloride. Can that be right? And today my chlorine was...
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  20. JessM

    CYA - Define “disappear” please

    Mgtfp- I had NOT let the pump for a lot of hours before that first test. That is a great point through. Today when I tested I HAD let the pump run for about 7 hours first. My chlorine seems to be holding somewhat. It’s been cloudy here though. I don’t live in town; I’m about 35 minutes from a...
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  22. JessM

    CYA - Define “disappear” please

    Hi, MGTFP. To be real honest we JUST removed the cover and started vacuuming. I started testing with CYA because in my understanding if CYA isn’t right the chlorine won’t last, so my plan is to attack CYA, then PH, and then add bleach. Except I’m nervous about trusting this CYA test. And so I’m...
  23. JessM

    CYA - Define “disappear” please

    Thanks HermanTX. I’ve never had the dot disappear, but apparently I didn’t do the dance right (stand up outside in the sun, back to sun, tube at waist level, don’t stare - just glance, don’t shake - just swirl, let it rest before looking, etc.). It’s almost funny to read all the little tips...
  24. JessM

    CYA - Define “disappear” please

    Thank you, Mdragger. I did read several other posts with folks having the same dot problems I have. Several people say “room temp water.” So do I leave the pool water sample in my house for a bit to warm up? It’s still chilly here in OK. The pool water is about 60 degrees. Is that too cold to...
  25. JessM

    CYA - Define “disappear” please

    I’m new. Fiberglass pool was installed in October 2020 and was just open long enough to get the deck installed; then we closed it and covered it with a loop loc. My final test results before closing for winter are below, but I am not sure I’m great at testing. I’ve always been a little confused...
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  27. JessM

    New Fiberglass Pool in November

    The test kit I have now came with the pump. It doesn’t test everything. I have ordered a Taylor K2006 (no C), but Amazon says it won’t be here forever another week. Just another thing I’m limping by with. Right now I have the pic attached. I was foolish enough to listen to an assistant manager...
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  29. JessM

    New Fiberglass Pool in November

    Thanks guys. I read all the articles you shared (and several others to boot). I also decided to run the pump all night for the month it takes to finally get the Loop Loc cover installed, at which point I will pay someone to winterize it for me. I do not have a timer installed yet that could...
  30. JessM

    New Fiberglass Pool in November

    I’m so lost I don’t even know what I don’t know. I have been dreaming about a pool for years, following TFP for ideas and advice, and finally got it done. In November in Oklahoma. The 16x36 fiberglass pool was finished five days ago. The concrete folks will be here next week to start plans...