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  1. BenB

    Jandy Aquapure / Nature2 Error 120 - check my troubleshooting

    Hey folks. Hope you're having a good long weekend! Just wanted to double check my logic here and tag on a couple of extra questions. Getting Error 120 on my SWG, although it is still generating ok for now. Visual inspection of cell looks good. The 3 prongs at the top look ok, middle one a...
  2. BenB

    I had a dream...

    Sharing dreams is never particularly interesting to anyone who didn't have the dream.... but here we go. I had a dream the other night my wife and I were travelling, stayed at a hotel and the pool water was terrible. Cloudy and gross. The manager asked for my help (because dreams) so I whipped...
  3. BenB

    Motor faulty, or bad shaft seals? (Video)

    Hey folks. The motor on my pump (V-Green 165 - see signature) is about 1 month old and I used new shaft seals while doing the swap. A few days ago I caught it making a horrible squealing noise while running on its low speed (850RPM) cycle. It has always squeaked briefly when turning on/off but...
  4. BenB

    Jandy variable speed motor retrofitting - now with curves

    Hey folks, happy Monday! Apologies in advance that this will likely turn into a long one. I'll try to keep things short! Summary Having just installed solar heating on our garage roof, we're experiencing the usual challenge in that our existing 2.6 THP 2-speed pump isn't doing a good job. At...
  5. BenB

    New solar install - 2 speed pump, significant bubbling on low

    Hey folks. My solar install went in over the last couple of days (with massive bonus points to the company for also moving some PV electric panels elsewhere on the house to make room), and today is the first full day of use. I noticed it immediately during the walkthrough yesterday but wanted...
  6. BenB

    Blotchy Plaster surface - anything to do?

    Hi folks. I'm mid drain and refill (76%) to reduce my very high calcium levels (1000). I know we generally advise against any kind of acid treatment but it's soooo tempting when looking at this... Any thoughts? It's smooth all over but does fizz when I splashed some 1:5 MA onto a flat test...
  7. BenB

    Deal Alert! Morton's pool salt $6.54 / 40lb bag @ Walmart

    Walmart link Perfect timing as I'm going to do a refill next month. Bought 10 bags! Looks like Home Depot might have other brands in the $7-8 range, but still cheapest price I'm aware of!
  8. BenB

    Warrior SE - Power usage?

    Hey all. Does anybody know what the power draw/usage is for the SE? I've tried Maytronics and Pentair's website but no luck. All it says is that it runs off 110VAC, and outputs 28VDC. But nothing on current, or a 'kWh per run' or anything like that. Obviously the total power usage will depend...
  9. BenB

    Can't donate!

    Hi there. Trying to become a Gold supporter but am getting a blank page and error "Request not validated (from unknown source)" when I click the button on the page. I'm sure I can just do it manually but wanted to flag it in case others try and then get discouraged! Ben.
  10. BenB

    PoolMath bug with dates

    Hey there. Reporting what might be an intentional choice, but could be a bug. On the main page, it seems like the app will say "today" if the time elapsed since the test < 24 hours. However that ignores calendar days so last night's tests will say "today" until late in the day even though they...
  11. BenB

    No drain water exchange - use autofill?

    Hi everyone! This is probably a really stupid question, but if I have an autofill and it's positioned in the shallowest end of my pool, then am I ok just use that to perfectly balance the water that is pumped out of my pool, as opposed to using a hose and matching the flow rates? This method...
  12. BenB

    Beautiful pool - new owner - help me keep it sparkling and fresh!

    Hi everybody! First of all, obligatory comment to say what an awesome community this looks to be. The information, guidance and 'keep it simple' approach are all fantastic and right up my street. So, my wife and I just bought a house that has a pool, and a really very nice one at that. We're...