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  1. Callalilly41

    Pergolas and pavillions with new pool build - Tampa recommendations wanted

    Don’t forget if your from Florida you will need something stronger to secure a pavilion from hurricanes. Check on city guidelines, cause we have had neighbor’s sited for not having the right permits for putting together an outside structure.
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    SW Florida Pool Construction Quote

    Dam those are great prices! For pool and cage? Wow! I also think adding the steps to the sunshelf would look amazing!
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    Starting soon, Tampa area. - **Build complete!** 4/21

    Your pool is looking amazing! That’s the same color shellock we will be using! Our neighbors have the grey shellock for his driveway that’s how we found out about it! Good to know it’s cooler especially here in south FL! Can’t wait for the finished pics!
  4. Callalilly41

    New pool build in Boca Raton FL!

    Got back our engendered plans that we are going to submit for permitting! But there are a few things we have to change like they put the Pool equipment on the wrong side of the house lol
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  6. Callalilly41

    New pool build in Boca Raton FL!

    Haven’t chosen the exact color yet but I’m thinking a quartzite plaster because I don’t like the feel of the pebbles, and it will most probably be a white based one because I hear darker shades get warmer in the summer months! But I will be sure to update once I decide 👍
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    New pool build in Boca Raton FL!

    Pérgola is going to have to wait till next year but we are laying down the decking for it 🙌
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    New pool build in Boca Raton FL!

    Hi everyone I finally signed a contract first week of March! Now just waiting to aprove the engineered drawings to then submit them into the city for permits. It’s going to be a long wait :hammer::crazy:
  9. Callalilly41

    New Construction- feeling overwhelmed

    It’s so funny because before I started to pick colors for my own pool, I couldn’t care less what ppl had in their pool when I came over for a swim. I think only us pool builders are as meticulous as to tile and pool colors. Our friends will just think w have an amazing pool! So don’t sweat it...
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    New Pool - East Texas

    You should definitely look into more lights, as you cannot add lighting after the pool is finished. That’s the one regret my neighbor had, his pb said he would do fine with one light and his deep end is very dark at night.
  11. Callalilly41

    Florida folks...costs?

    I agree it’s cheaper to buy a house with a pool but for us in this crazy Florida market it’s better to just bite the bullet and install one if you don’t have one. There are benefits to installing one exactly how you like it though as many homes with a pool usually need something done to it.
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    New Pool in Orlando

    I kinda agree with Herman, I think if you were to keep the rectangular design and do a long bench/ or two L shaped benches, instead of the arch benches you would have a more streamlined look and more pool space. And of course my opinion, but I think cake steps are a little outdated especially...
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    1st Pool Build | Sugar Land - Continued Skimmer Repair Updates

    I love the new design! It makes it look much more modern!
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    Florida folks...costs?

    Basic pool packages for a 12x24 pool were quoted to me about 28k. Then for your desired lenght and width, you have to add more linear ft, (one guy quoted me 3k for 10 Liner feet) Adding a spa is about 10k-15k more. Then you have to add decking (this depends on how much sqft and if your going...
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    New pool build in Boca Raton FL!

    Hey everyone! I got some more quotes for my pool build, but I keep getting the smaller versions of VS pumps. Like superflo 1.5 hp VS pump. I see most ppl here go with 3 hp VS pumps. Should I be upgrading my pumps to 3hp? My pool will be 12x28 with a separate 12x 7 sunshelf with a bubbler.
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    We're doing this again! Orlando OB Take 2 -PLASTERED! 6/1

    I like the Miami blue I think it would go better with Your grey pavers but they are both lovely!
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    New pool build in Boca Raton FL!

    I think they now have the grey available in the shellock, it’s called Silver Sam. But it might be a recently added color. Our house is white so I think the white/ivory will look nice with it. It was either the Artistic Shellock pavers or the sand blasted marble for the decking as the...
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  19. Callalilly41

    New pool build in Boca Raton FL!

    Hello everyone! I’m in the process of getting quotes from builders, I’m waiting on one more quote to come in. It’s crazy how much the prices have gone up for a pool with no spa lol. I’m looking at buliding a 12x28 in ground concrete pool, with tanning ledge. I’m looking to do artistic shellock...
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    South Florida getting ideas for new build

    Hello there! I live in south Florida! Just got a refinance so looking to sign a contract in the next few months! I’m in the process of finding a pool builder and so far they all come to about the same pricing. Just trying to figure out if I want an L shaped pool or not. I want a 12 x 28 with a...