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  1. partsman

    Something floating in the pool

    We were talking about this the other day while sitting around the pool... ...he is a pool cleaner! haha
  2. partsman

    Balancing with Pool Doctor app

    **before you start throwing stuff, I did try the TFP app first** I just like the Pool Doctor one better, it’s very user friendly. I entered my pool info, then I just type in my readings and it calculates what I need to do, if anything. Here’s a screenshot... ...there are options to add...
  3. partsman

    Show me your pool lights!

    If you have your pool lights in your pool, I want to see what it looks like and what you used! Thank you!
  4. partsman

    Thread Display Mode

    When I click (or tap) on a thread, it opens up to the last post instead of the first post. I have my setting to “oldest first” but it doesn’t show that way for some reason. Is there another setting I’m missing somewhere? Most of my browsing on this forum is on my iPhone X...running iOS 11.4.1
  5. partsman

    Solar Heaters: It's all about square footage, right?

    After researching solar heaters for what seems like a year (it's only been about a month)...I (thought) I narrowed it down to this one at Doheny's... Doheny's Above Ground Pool Solar Heating System For Sale | Doheny's Pool Supplies Fast's cheap enough for the setup I have, and should...
  6. partsman

    Slowly progressing...

    I'm new to the forum...and apparently newer than I thought when it comes to pools. (haha) After skimming through the forum, I had no idea as to the depth and wealth of info posted on here! Like the thread title states...I am slowly progressing with our above ground pools. I do them pretty much...