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  1. revitup

    Salt Cell Runtime Formula

    Can someone provide a salt cell run time formula or is there a calculator that is current and functional? Link please?
  2. revitup

    Unexplained FC Loss

    My SCG has been humming along forever, holding FC around 10, certainly in the 9-11.5 range. I check it pretty much every day (way too much I know) and with the SCG producing 3.0 ppm/day, so lots of data points. See my logs. A few days ago I skipped a day and when I checked the morning after I...
  3. revitup

    How To Raise CSI?

    So I’m always a bit confused about how, or if I even need to, correct CSI. FG. Today’s test results (logs are viewable): FC 10.0 CC 0.0 TA 60 CH 275 PH 7.4 CYA 80 Temp 89 Salt 3200 CSI -.62 Could bring CH up a little, or TA, but that doesn’t do much. Could raise PH a little but hate to mess with...
  4. revitup

    Cleaning The Pleated Filter

    I have the Warrior SI robot with both the ‘screen’ and pleated filters. I run with both installed. I suspect that it could be possible that I may not be getting the pleated filter completely clean by just spraying it with the hose and that, if so, flow through it may be impeded. Does anyone have...
  5. revitup

    CSI is -.42, Should I Raise It?

    I’m wondering, once again, if there’s something I should be doing to raise my CSI. It’s at -.42 right now. On the one hand I’m understanding that it isn’t that important given the pool is FG but other info seems to indicate I need somewhere 0 to -.3 to protect the salt cell from scale or for...
  6. revitup

    Puzzling Pool Math Discrepancy

    Help me out please, where am I going wrong. I set up a hypothetical 20k gal pool in Poolmath and entered 6.0 for measured ph. Poolmath tells me I need 52 lbs of borax to reach a target of 7.6. If I simply look at the Effects of Adding 52 lbs of borax it tells me that ph will increase 4.6. It...
  7. revitup

    PoolMath Inaccuracy

    Am I the only one confused about the resulting tested levels following chem additions, relative to the predicted PoolMath results? The differences seem to me to be beyond any reasonable margin of error. I could not be sure in the past that the errors were not the result of my 'guestimate' of my...
  8. revitup

    Iron Test Kit

    Can anyone suggest a good water test kit for iron?
  9. revitup

    Bypass HP In The Off-Season?

    I turn our HP to 'standby' in the off season (there is no 'off' setting on the Hayward HP) and allow water to circulate through it when the pump runs (4 hours/day). There is a valve and the capability to bypass the HP. Is there some reason I should? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  10. revitup

    Off Season CSI

    Just closed/covered the pool for the off season. I run the SWG to maintain chlorine. Water temp never got lower than 53F last year and I expect pretty much the same this year. Chem levels are all pretty much in the ideal range right now except CSI. Should I do anything to raise CSI or just let...
  11. revitup

    Adding A Sump Pit

    When our FG pool was installled four well points were installed to alleviate a ground water issue. They are piped to the equipment pad and so obviously I can’t see where the water level is. I’m considering installing a sump pit near the pool so I can monitor the ground water level. How near to...
  12. revitup

    Hayward HP Temp Differential

    Can anyone tell me how to adjust the Hayward HeatPro heat/cool HP temperature differential setting? It isn't addressed in the manual as far as I can tell.
  13. revitup

    What is considered “dissolved” CYA?

    I have been adding CYA using the sock method in the skimmer. I squeeze the sock (a skimmer sock) periodically and a cloud is released into the skimmer. Is this white cloud considered ‘dissolved’ CYA? It wouldn’t get hung up in my sand filter causing my CYA level to rise over the next 3 to 5 days...
  14. revitup

    No Expiration Date On TFTkit refills?

    I just ordered new CYA reagent and CYA standard from TFTkits and none of the containers show an expiration date. Why's that? I expected that they'd be dated. How would one know how old they are and when they expire?
  15. revitup

    Reduced FC Produced With Restricted Returns?

    I picked up one of those generic PVC fountains/sprayers to put in place of one of the three 1.5" returns. Not much spray height so I plugged one of the other two returns to get some more pressure to the fountain. With the next couple of FC tests noticed right away that FC level dropped much...
  16. revitup

    Don't Forget To Lay In Some Emergency Chlorine!

    All you fellow Carolinians with SWCGs in the path of Isaias, make sure you have some chlorine on hand in case power is out for a day or 2 or 3. I happen to have 6 gallons left from a slam a few weeks ago otherwise I'd be scrambling to find some today.
  17. revitup

    CYA Additions Not Adding Up

    I think I'm prety good at the CYA test. I have the the 50 CYA standard solution to calibrate my eye and I think I'm at least consistent with interpretation of the sight picture when looking for the dot. The issue I'm having is that the Pool Math app doesn't seem to be anywhere near accurate in...
  18. revitup

    Metal Test Kits Recommendations?

    We have no traditional pool stores in our area, believe it or not, where we can get water tested. I would like to test my pool and tap water for metals, particularly iron and copper. I see some DIY kits for sale, at Home Depot for instance, but have found no threads in this forum discussing...
  19. revitup

    Leave SWCG Generating During Slam?

    Although my pool is clear with no visible algae, I noticed the stairs seemed a little slippery. I did an OCLT and of course I lost 2.0 ppm FC overnight. I never let FC get below 5 ppm with CYA of 60-70 so how algae could have formedI have no idea. That's not the question though. Given that the...
  20. revitup

    Unknown Device In Pad Plumbing

    I don't know what this device is in my pool plumbing. It's in the line coming out of the HP. Can someone enlighten me?
  21. revitup

    Jack's Stain Treatment Questions

    I'm about to pull the trigger on treating the pool for iron and possibly copper stains. One of the products included in the Jack's treatment kit is Jack's Filter Fiber Stuff. I'm not really sure what that is or what it is for and if I should be using it or not. Is that added to the filter to...
  22. revitup

    CSI too low?

    CSI has been trending pretty low, below -.4. Actually -.51 today. My numbers have been very consistent. Here's todays. Take a look at my logs for previous. FC = 6.5 CC = 0 PH = 7.5 TA = 60 CH = 290 CYA = 70 SALT = 3200 TEMP = 88 CSI = -0.51 Should I be taking action to raise it? Raise PH? It's...
  23. revitup

    Going On Vacation

    We're going out of town for 8 or 9 days and the pool will be unattended during that time. I have my SWCG pretty much dialed in, the PH has been rock steady, and the other chem levels don't generally move either. I'm still nervous about leaving it for that much time. I guess my plan at this point...
  24. revitup

    Test Droplet Size

    Are the tips on the Taylor reagent bottles calibrated to produce a particular droplet size, depending on the reagent? Can the tips be swapped from one to the other without affecting test results?
  25. revitup

    Additional Pool To Track In Pool Math

    I added a 2nd pool to maintain in my Pool Math app. "Pool #2" seems to have carried over all the testing and maintenance records I've entered for "pool #1". Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  26. revitup

    Do Pine Trees Around or Needles In Pool Raise PH?

    If a pool gets a significant amount of pine needles falling in it, will that cause a noticible reduction in PH? Would one need to add a PH increaser on a regular basis to counteract a resulting PH decrease in a pool surrounded by pine trees?
  27. revitup

    FG Pool 'dirt' Stains?

    New FG pool last fall. My water is clear as gin. The chems have been dialed in for weeks now. The problem is that I’m seeing what looks like tan colored ‘dirt’ stains on the bottom in a couple areas that seem to always collect organic debris. A large part of the walking ledge also looks dirty to...
  28. revitup

    Zodiac G3 With A Skim Vac Plate or Skimmer Sock In The Filter Basket?

    I haven’t been able to use my (Hayward) Skim Vac skimmer plate with my Zodiac G3 vac. The plate sits high in the skimmer on the basket and I have not been able to cobble together the 45 or 90 degree elbows required to get it turned horizontal and out the skimmer opening and still remain reliably...
  29. revitup

    Jewelry Cleaning In Pool?

    My wife wears jewelry in the pool. It seems to be staying sparkly clean now that we're swimming about every day. Is there something about pool water - chlorine?, acid? - that would clean jewelry?
  30. revitup

    Organic Matter In A Sand Filter?

    A friend with an IG vinyl pool says that he solved a chlorine problem by changing the filter sand. His FC was depleting rapidly although there was no evidence of algae in the pool or other condition that was causing it. His theory is that there was organic matter trapped in the old filter sand...