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  1. chemillion

    Spa Plumbing

    Moved from HERE Nice diagram @mas985 ! I’m going to revive this discussion since I believe I’m having the same issues 😢. I have the Hartford loop & Venturis at each spa jet discharge points (8 total, 2 on each sidewalk of 8x8 spa) im not getting the Venturi effect. No air bubbles coming out of...
  2. chemillion

    Help! Just plastered mini pebble. Start up procedures tips and chemistry tips much appreciated!

    I just pebble plastered my new spa & pool 20,000 gal. Started filling 5/21 filled 5/22. Day 2 full of water and just got my DE for the Quad DE filter! Current chemistry pH: over 7.8 Total hardness: 239 mg/ml CaCO3 (how do I adjust this down to the 150 ppm minimum?) Cl2: 0 Total alkalinity...
  3. chemillion

    Backflow preventer for pool autofill

    What is the proper backflow preventer for the autofill line? I’ve seen these commonly installed in the attached photo but is it the correct ones? Is this an Orbit? Should it be a reduced principle back flow preventer?
  4. chemillion

    Spa Drain suction ports covers - Help!

    Hi All, Question regarding the drain cover for the spa. My plumber plumbed in a 3" suctions for the spa jets and 2.5" suctions for the spa filter suction right next to each other - total of 4 pipes (attached photo). Is a separate cover needed for these that are VGB approved? or the covers can...
  5. chemillion

    Pentair ColorVision Bubbler with Globrite LED lights - Thoughts/Recommendations??

    Hello, I'm trying to decide if the Pentair ColorVision Bubbler with Globrite LED lights is the way to go for a non-telescoping bubbler. Less chances of kids kicking and breaking the telescoping moving parts. Does anyone recommend or have any thoughts they can share about the ColorVision...
  6. chemillion

    Pentair IntelliCenter Questions

    Moved from here... Pentair Controller and Automation Questions Jim, I pulled the trigger and went with the IntelliCenter i8PSIC40. Do I have to purchase the ScreenLogic if I want to wirelessly connect/control features, or does the ScreenLogic come built into the IntelliCenter? I understand...
  7. chemillion

    Help! - Suggestions for a suction side pool cleaner or Robotic cleaner?

    Hello Fellow Pool Owners, Suggestions for a suction side pool cleaner or Robotic cleaner? Which one is the best and most reliable. Trying to decide if I should do suction side cleaning or just go with a robotic cleaner. I'm having my pool builder put in a suction port just in case I go with...
  8. chemillion

    Spa Skimmer

    Building a new pool. Is a spa skimmer needed for an 8'x8' pool?