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  1. Tena

    Heater service light

    It says: Alarm status Low Ambient Temp My interpretation is just that. A heat pump pulls heat from the air. The outside temp is 73°, the water is 84°, the pump is set on 88°. So it's just saying nope there's no heat to pull from the air? Just want to be sure we don't actually need service...
  2. Tena

    CYA danger?

    The CDC is now recommending that public pools reduce CYA. "the industry is starting to change about CYA. Some areas are already banning its use. Here’s an interesting article I also noticed CYA is a lot more costly...
  3. Tena

    Borates wanted

    Hi! I've decided I want borates and have some questions. In one thread it says balance first. (My levels are low except chlorine) In another thread it says lower pH and alkalinity because the boric acid will raise it. Which is correct? I'll order 30# of granules from Duda. 15k pool Ch 4 Ph...
  4. Tena

    Jack's Filter Fiber

    PSA If you have a skimmer sock in your basket, do not put a slurry of filter fiber in expecting it to get to your filter. It stayed in my skimmer sock for ~ 24 hrs. ?? I'll try pouring the slurry into the skimmer without the basket next time. Not sure if hairnet would do the same, but i...
  5. Tena

    Pentair pump swap out

    I prefer to run my pump almost 24/7. So, since the pump PB put in rattles and is not quite as promised, he agreed to have poolboy swap it out. My pentair panel is intellitouch best I can tell, so I would be dealing with that. I would prefer a two speed I think. Advice would be greatly...
  6. Tena

    Test kit received ... Test Results!

    Free ChL 2 Cc .5 TC 2.5 Cl 300 TA 60 Ph 7.3 The R-0013 is empty (lid wasn't even on. I'll email. ?) So no CYA results. Since my Chlorine is so slow to drop, I figure my CYA is good. (Or that stinking Chlorinator isn't really off). I haven't added any pucks since the first time (a week
  7. Tena

    Equipment questions...

    I'm slightly familiar with pumps and sand filters, but in connection to AGP. This IGP has the same, but the plumbing is so different it's a bit confusing. Pictures of my setup. Questions: The backwash pipe just juts out there at the bottom. It can't be used that way, I expected it to plump...
  8. Tena

    Kudos Admins!

    I just checked through the YouTubes Why add shock when my water is clear is exactly what I've been wondering the last few weeks with PB shocking my pool and Pool store recommending a lifetime supply. ??‍♀️?
  9. Tena

    AA treatment for new plaster

    My chlorine is almost zero. My pH was around 7.6/8 I added Muriatic Acid to get that down. I bumped on the chlorinator because I don't have a sequestrant yet (should be here Monday). I'll be adding algaecide this evening. I don't know when my TFtest kit will be here. It's perfect timing today...
  10. Tena

    Pentair SWG

    Our PB pretty much abandoned us after fill day, but he does have to convert us to SW in two weeks. I so wish I had found TPF before we signed with him, but here we are. What questions do I need to be pressing him about the SWG? Everything is Pentair so far, so I guess it will be also. I...
  11. Tena

    Pitting in new plaster

    Is pitting like this common in new plaster? It's mainly around the tile installs. (I'm about to do AA and do not want to cause more damage)
  12. Tena

    Pentair panel and Pool light

    We have a great light show installed (builder says it was2k$) It looks great and is bright, maybe LED. Attached to a Pentair panel. In order to change colors/program, you flip the light switch multiple times. Is this normal? I expected something more ... Idk blue tooth even. Lol
  13. Tena

    New to plaster IGP and struggling

    I've had numerous above ground pools, with no problems. Our IG plaster was filled last week. The fill water looked green and the sides are now stained light brown . The builder suggests I throw in a couple of bottles of Stain Away and a bottle of Jack's Magic*. I've done enough reading to know...