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  1. chemillion

    Hartford loop / check valve considerations

    🤔 what does the air port for the hartford loop look like at the equipment pad? The spa pump spinning the water around is in a closed loop with no way to draw air in which I know we don’t want air in the pump.
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  3. chemillion

    Hartford loop / check valve considerations

    Hi @mas985 . Maybe what I call the part of the Hartford loop is mistaken. The highest point of the air loop (12 ft away from spa) which I call the horseshoe had no ports or holes for atmospheric air to be sucked in. the Venturi’s are plumb in right at the discharge of the spa jet nozzles. No...
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  6. chemillion

    Hartford loop / check valve considerations

    @JoyfulNoise do you have an opening on the top of your hartford loop or holes where it can draw atmospheric air in? I'm getting water jets in the spa, but no air bubbling action (its not blow out air bubbles). Hartford loop (about 12 ft away from spa with elevation of the top 1.5 ft higher...
  7. chemillion

    Spa Plumbing

    So I spoke to the pool plumber and he said I need to drill holes or cut a slit on the top of the hartford loop to allow air to be drawn in... any one second that?
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  10. chemillion

    Spa Plumbing

    Moved from HERE Nice diagram @mas985 ! I’m going to revive this discussion since I believe I’m having the same issues 😢. I have the Hartford loop & Venturis at each spa jet discharge points (8 total, 2 on each sidewalk of 8x8 spa) im not getting the Venturi effect. No air bubbles coming out of...
  11. chemillion

    Help! Just plastered mini pebble. Start up procedures tips and chemistry tips much appreciated!

    I see. I used lab grade HACH total hardness testing. Which test kit specifically targets Calcium Hardness?
  12. chemillion

    Help! Just plastered mini pebble. Start up procedures tips and chemistry tips much appreciated!

    Total Hardness yesterday was 239 ppm. Start up guide suggests 150 mg/l min. I'm seeing on the TFP pool math app recommended 250-650, ideal: 350-550. Which is correct for new pebble plaster? Some one mentioned if the total hardness is too low, the curing plaster will leach from itself? Do I...
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  14. chemillion

    Help! Just plastered mini pebble. Start up procedures tips and chemistry tips much appreciated!

    Thank you @ajw22 ! 3rd day im supposed to add Chlorine to the pebble plaster pool. is it recommended to use liquid bleach? Pool shock or pre-dissolved chlorine? Clorox Shock xtraBLUE ok? (directions says dont pre-dissolve though, although I read in the National Plaster Association guideline to...
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  18. chemillion

    Help! Just plastered mini pebble. Start up procedures tips and chemistry tips much appreciated!

    I just pebble plastered my new spa & pool 20,000 gal. Started filling 5/21 filled 5/22. Day 2 full of water and just got my DE for the Quad DE filter! Current chemistry pH: over 7.8 Total hardness: 239 mg/ml CaCO3 (how do I adjust this down to the 150 ppm minimum?) Cl2: 0 Total alkalinity...
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  20. chemillion

    Pentair IntelliCenter Review and Information

    Right? I bot 7 of them. Hopeful that we'll get the max potential out of it!
  21. chemillion

    StoneScapes Mini Pebble - Aqua White with Touch of Glass

    Hello RJP. Love the Aqua white 2 or 3?. Did you end up going with the puerto rican blend with touch of glass? What is that white cloud around the umbrella sleeve?
  22. chemillion

    Extra ground wire for pool lights

    Why does the junction box need to be bonded if it's a plastic j-box? The light niche & light fixture should already bonded via the lug on the back of the light niche and to the structural rebar. Does this still apply if its a 12-volt LED vs 120 V? Seems like running another bonding wire...
  23. chemillion

    DIY waterline tile installation

    Would you run the other way if the pool tiler said to use sand/cement grout for glass waterline because it's industry standard?
  24. chemillion

    DIY waterline tile installation

    What brand epoxy grout do you recommend? Spectralock Pro Premium grout (Epoxy): (not sure if you can choose the grout color? - please advise) Their Permacolor select grout is cement..(but you...
  25. Laticrete waterproofing.JPG

    Laticrete waterproofing.JPG

  26. chemillion

    South Florida - New In-ground Large Build

    What did you end up doing for the grout of the step markers?
  27. chemillion

    New pool build - Owner-builder

    Sorry, what is SCP?
  28. chemillion

    New pool build - Owner-builder

    Where can I get the BaseCrete? Doesn't look like HD or local hardware store has it. Maybe a Thompson's or Building Supply Store?