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  1. allidb85

    Heater not heating Pool Spa

    My heater is not heating my pool spa. Pool is a month and half old and spa was heating fine initially. PB came out and said the valve was bad and replaced that but the spa still isn’t getting hot. I’m waiting for PB to come back out but thought I would get y’all opinion. Filter is clean and I...
  2. allidb85

    Help! Pool is too full

    If I turn this main drain will it drain the pool water? Water is almost to the coping as it just rained.
  3. allidb85

    What’s this hole?

    Does anyone know what this hole is? It’s not on any of my pool plans and PB put it there yesterday. I haven’t heard back from them On what it is. I didn’t ask for a umbrella hole if that’s what it is.
  4. allidb85

    Central Florida New Pool Build 12/17/2020

    My original post is here I started a new thread because that one was too old. With many delays with permitting and PB just being behind in general due to demand. Construction finally started and it is a mess! But I expected that...please look at the pictures and let me know if things look good...
  5. allidb85

    New Pool Central FL - First Time Pool Owner

    Hi everyone! I posted awhile back and did more research and since then I have received several quotes and now I have finally found the PB I am going with. Let me know your thoughts on this. *Note I had the PB increase the sun shelf size as you will see on the last pictures: 488 SF pool/17,338...
  6. allidb85

    First PB quote - Orlando FL

    Hi everyone! Im new here and new to pools all together. I received my first pool quote and was hoping for some advice on this one. Not sure if the equipment is good or not.