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  1. Tena

    What's your current pool temp?

    Mine was a wonderful 91° all on Solar power, even with a bad thunderstorm in the middle of the night. So nice to not have the heater running.
  2. Tena

    Heater service light

    Apparently there's a defrost that was on and has an "open". Turned that off since we aren't cooling and heat is working fine.
  3. Tena

    Heater service light

    Do we attempt to fix or is there still warranty? I'm guessing per your instructions there's no warranty. We've run it 10 times or so. Just lucky I guess.
  4. Tena

    CYA test says zero, but should I add more?

    I'm not help, but just wanted to say I lost all my CYA between September and May. I wasn't testing it those months and we have had tons of rain too. So my fear of CYA never leaving is gone. Lol I've been adding it in small doses because I'm still cautious. TLDR I'm in your situation too
  5. Tena

    Heater service light

    It says: Alarm status Low Ambient Temp My interpretation is just that. A heat pump pulls heat from the air. The outside temp is 73°, the water is 84°, the pump is set on 88°. So it's just saying nope there's no heat to pull from the air? Just want to be sure we don't actually need service...
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  7. Tena

    CYA danger?

    Thank you everyone! I'll stick with TFP!
  8. Tena

    CYA danger?

    The CDC is now recommending that public pools reduce CYA. "the industry is starting to change about CYA. Some areas are already banning its use. Here’s an interesting article I also noticed CYA is a lot more costly...
  9. Tena

    Borates wanted

    Thank you. It's not here yet so I should be okay. I'm going with a half dose then the second half for testing and curiosity purposes
  10. Tena

    Borates wanted

    Also there's several threads that say it will go up slightly (experienced) So I'm asking am I too low to go with boric acid now?
  11. Tena

    Pool flooded HELP

    It's still raining slightly NW of you. Hope y'all aren't still getting it. Best of TFP luck! (Yes use that shock your other levels are probably all down too)
  12. Tena

    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    It won't stop raining! I'm a TFP convert. So glad I found you. I used to have above ground and trusted the mom and pop store. I can remember $300 in chems most visits and that is years ago. So glad to have found you all!
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  14. Tena

    Borates wanted

    Lol my fill water right now is a ton of rain. Do I need to catch and test?
  15. Tena

    Borates wanted

    Several times it says"Before you start on borates, adjust your TA level toward the low end of the appropriate range for your pool type. See the Recommended Levels chart for appropriate levels." I'm guessing borates raise levels. I've read the other threads as well which has lead to my...
  16. Tena

    Borates wanted

    Hi! I've decided I want borates and have some questions. In one thread it says balance first. (My levels are low except chlorine) In another thread it says lower pH and alkalinity because the boric acid will raise it. Which is correct? I'll order 30# of granules from Duda. 15k pool Ch 4 Ph...
  17. Tena

    Hello from Sacramento CA

    Welcome! It's my understanding your salt converter can be confused. Is it clean? Have you tested your level yourself? Mine is 2 yrs old and when it flashes low I test myself to be sure I'm not over salting.
  18. Tena

    Pool temperature reading is wrong

    My Heat Pump reads different than my Intellisense. The pump was off the other day due to power outage. When it came back, I had to reset breakers and noticed Intellisense thought my water was 105¡ ? It probably was in the PVC sitting still before I got the pump going. The pool water was no...
  19. Tena

    I'm about done with SWG

    Wow! Sorry you had a bad cell sounds like! My stone was chipping before we turned ours in (within the first 30 days of pool install) The stone that gets the most splash is chipping the worst, however it is also a darker stone. I have a few of those and it's like they have a thin veneer of...
  20. Tena

    Skimmer Angel + Hair Net - Can it work?

    Yep, that's the way I have ours. And was searching this question. It is a pain, but I have a second basket with a clean sock ready to go and just move the handle over. My main concern is the bugs cling to the socks like crazy. I blasted a giant wasp to bits and pieces trying to get him out. I...
  21. Tena

    What have you found in your skimmer...

    ? I understand. I have bruises still. A cicada killer was the new to me bug. The one time I did not check it before swimming and asked hubs to because he got out first, he was rewarded with a snake. He should check it more often. ? He was so glad I had bought the Skimmer Angel!
  22. Tena

    New gunite pool- What to add, what to avoid

    We just built in ground this year. Great advice has been given so far. My additional advice is plan out your equipment pad carefully. Look at some pictures here. I left it to PB and my sight bubble on my filter is in the back. My pad is way too close to the pool. Things I would have been very...
  23. Tena

    Should gunite be so uneven that you could trip over it?

    That looks ok to me. Plaster work is amazing to watch. They left holes in our gunite on purpose. They were in the bottom and were to allow drainage in case of rain. All were filled in when plastered.
  24. Tena

    Jack's Filter Fiber

    It is supposed to be better than DE for sand filters. I use it to aid in grabbing any iron particles possible. Our stone coping is shedding brown (I guess iron ore) into the pool and on top of the iron in the fill water has made iron stains an ongoing battle for the new plaster. It was a...
  25. Tena

    Jack's Filter Fiber

    PSA If you have a skimmer sock in your basket, do not put a slurry of filter fiber in expecting it to get to your filter. It stayed in my skimmer sock for ~ 24 hrs. ?? I'll try pouring the slurry into the skimmer without the basket next time. Not sure if hairnet would do the same, but i...
  26. Tena

    Pitting in new plaster

    I think you are right. It seems to be mainly the tiles and corners. I think it dries so fast they don't get it worked well in those areas in some cases. Just my conclusion
  27. Tena

    Sand stone sealant DIY

    Did you find a solution? Ours is brand new. I didn't want it, but PB insisted. I know it wasn't sealed and if you rub a paper towel on it is always brown.
  28. Tena

    Walmart Pool Essentials - Stock Up?

    If you can get recent dates, grab some. I don't think ours stocks it year round. But a TX garage is usually too hot to store it in w/o it degrading some.
  29. Tena

    New Pool Construction - Rising CH & pH

    I also have a fairly new pool. Cal-hypo does raise CH. But, that's a big jump. Alkalinity high and aeration both raise ph, as well as new plaster. So that will be an ongoing battle. I have only people aeration and my ph is still on the rise. I was using liquid chlorine and muriatic acid...
  30. Tena

    Help! Did lightening strike my pool?

    Hubs is my lightning expert (36 years of phone co). He said he has seen phone boxes fried inside, but look fine outside. ?‍♀️ Lightning grounds out. It is bizarre to me the strip down the middle of the bottom and the black on the stairs. Something dumped in would have left evidence in more...