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  1. Snoobug

    Thread Location

    My thread is in the construction subforum but my pool is almost done. The landscaping & hardscaping still continue. The last thing on the pool is the slide. What started out as a build thread kind of turned into a live blog. Where will my pool life thread go after the backyard is completed...
  2. Snoobug

    Another MA Option for Pool Math

    Could this option be added please...
  3. Snoobug

    CYA Hand Holding

    Each of these is filled at the line mentioned...
  4. Snoobug


    Just made a donation but wanted to do more than the gold. Is there not an option to put in whatever amount? It just automatically selected $100 and I went to edit my cart but maybe I didn't spend enough time looking for the right place to edit the amount... hmmm... I don't use paypal often so I...
  5. Snoobug

    Unused and Unwanted Chemicals

    So the pool company brought a bunch of chemicals that I don't want and I don't know what to do with them... help! Calcium Hardness Increaser Ph increaser Algaecide Powder pool shock Not to mention a bucket of trichlor pucks. What should I even do with this stuff. Thought about taking them back...
  6. Snoobug

    Hand vacuum

    You know what I need is one of those dust busters but for the pool. I have an m200 and of course the manual vacuum but I need something smaller for the edges of the steps... suggestions?
  7. Snoobug

    Is Meta Ban recommended?
  8. Snoobug

    Brown Water

    Following - Moved from HERE
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    Can't post pics...

    Earlier today I had no problems posting pics from my phone but now I'm getting error messages saying their too big. These are basic phone pics nothing fancy.
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    Dumb Question

    Ok, my pool hasn't even been dug yet. (Was that even proper grammar?) I have my TFT-100 kit. I opened it up and checked it out. I've got 2 beakers in there, a big and small. I started thinking, after I grab some pool water and mix the reagents in there, after I'm done testing, what do I do with...
  11. Snoobug

    Pool Math App

    So the pool company will break ground soon on our pool and I went out and downloaded the pool math app. I've been poking around and upgraded so I can keep a historical log. The actuary in me loves the ability to track. Thank you to whoever built it. Much appreciated!
  12. Snoobug

    Hot Tub Brand/Style Recommendations

    Seems like there are a ton of options. Where do I start? I read some people hook up a mini SWGC. Is that something I have to do myself? I have zero knowledge other than reading the bromide/chlorine water testing threads.
  13. Snoobug

    To slide or not to slide?

    The dig will start in Feb so we have time to think about it. Calling the insurance agent tomorrow to check on liability/pricing. We have twin 5 year olds and a 7 year old. I've been torn about this. Yes the kids will love it but how much use will it get in 5-7 years? TFP please chime in...
  14. Snoobug

    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    Move aside TX, CA and AZ! It's time for some midwest action. 😂 Pool company called. They will be out in 2-3 weeks to finalize pool size, bells & whistles and location. Been waiting on the landscaper to draw up plans (for several months). We have been working with him on lots of stuff over...
  15. Snoobug

    Best Pool Camera for Safety

    I searched and read some older threads but with technology ever improving I thought I would start a new thread! I'm looking for one that will stream to an app on my phone and send me motion alerts when I want it to. What would you recommend?
  16. Snoobug

    Vinyl Saltwater Pool

    I live in Iowa and we are building an inground pool next Spring. Likely 18x36. Anyway we are leaning toward saltwater for easier maintenance. Called the pb and they said it was a controversial topic but they haven't done many saltwater ones. They said it's very corrosive. Now I have done my...
  17. Snoobug

    Fiberglass vs Vinyl

    So I'm just going to ramble (sorry)... We are torn on vinyl vs fiberglass. I live in rural Iowa so I will have to close the pool every Septemberish. We live on 1.3 acres off a long private drive. We have neighbors and we're next to a golf course. With a vinyl pool, when we drain it, where do we...
  18. Snoobug

    Starting to Research

    New to the forum. We live in Iowa with 3 kids age 7 and twins age 5. I had a IG pool growing up so I am familiar with upkeep although I didn't manage the pool chemicals myself. We are just starting our research. Hoping to install next year. Is it possible to get something nice for 50k? We are...