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  1. RMcGirr83

    The absolute best granite sealer

    Changed jobs recently from being a CFO in Healthcare to now being a CFO for a Granite company. We import our granite from Brazil and India. For those who have BBQ islands with granite/marble/quarztite this is the absolute best sealer on the planet...if you can find it. Better than anything...
  2. RMcGirr83

    Finally got my dream pool

  3. RMcGirr83

    Our public water the nastiest stuff on the planet

    Been testing my CH and it's almost as high as the empire state building is tall. Got our local water quality report and it's like reading greek. Calling @JoyfulNoise help me obiwan. Maybe I haven't been taking anything into account when doing the tests (like magnesium in the water). Any...
  4. RMcGirr83

    I have an 11 year old child

    Pool was 84 but I don't think she cared one bit. Jack Russell Terrorist. ;)
  5. RMcGirr83

    Popup Pool Bubblers one stronger than the other

    Turned on the bubblers today and noticed one is definetly stronger than the other (shoots higher into the air). They are both plumbed on the same line with one actuator to activate them. Is there a way to remove these to check for a blockage in the bubbler or something? Do they simply screw...
  6. RMcGirr83

    SWCG decrease life of pool surface

    Ah good 'ole facebook. A company showed up in my feed on facecrack as a "sponsored ad" called "Waters Choice" claiming their $400/gallon of "enzymes" would reduce the need for chlorine and save money to the home owner due to less need to purchase chemicals. I read everything from "As a...
  7. RMcGirr83

    COVID 19 Updates

    From John Hopkins University if anyone is interested
  8. RMcGirr83

    Gas Chlorine?

    What in the heck is "Gas Chlorine". Saw this in one of my spam facebook group things "Pool cleaning service/ exclusive gas chlorine!! We offer a monthly pool cleaning service and an exclusive gas chlorine service." Is this like magic unicorn pixie dust?
  9. RMcGirr83

    New pool build

    Not for me but for @JoyfulNoise and others. Covers 20(!!!!) acres and holds 66 million gallons of water. It would take 25 years to fill the thing up off my house water (300 gallons per hour, 5 gallons per minute).
  10. RMcGirr83

    [SOLD] Maytronics Dolphin Triton PS Plus

    Neighbor bought a Dolphin Triton PS Plus a few months ago with all the bells and whistles (fine screen, caddy, etc.). She has two trees over her pool and the Triton has a tough time picking them in won't so she is wanting to sell it. She used it once. She's willing to let it go for $800...
  11. RMcGirr83

    Help adding borates to pool

    From my Wasps saga was told adding borates to the pool may help (and assist with chlorine usage/buffer pH/make the water prettier if that's possible 'cuz the water is pretty darn pretty already). Pool size is 15750ish and here are the numbers FC 5.36 (used the colorQ as it's easier and usually...
  12. RMcGirr83

    Wasps the bane of our pool

    What does everyone do about the dang wasps (yellow jackets specifically). They're annoying the Crud out of my wife who has been stung twice now. Swear I must have killed 50 of the little buggers and went on a nest hunt but darned if I can find it.
  13. RMcGirr83

    While at work...

    My ring goes off and I see this horrific site. It's 103 why am I not here?
  14. RMcGirr83

    Where to place an swcg

    Wanting to put in A SWCG, not sure where to, or how to, plumb it in. Suggestions and details appreciated. I'm quite handy by the way.
  15. RMcGirr83

    Complaining about bugs...HA!!

    Y'all got nothing on me :)
  16. RMcGirr83

    Different Test Results

    So for my own edification, which is now driving me completely insane, I've been doing some tests using various methods of testing: Lamotte ColorQ 7 TF100 Pool Store (BioGuard) What I can't understand is how the results can be so completely different. I can understand a 10, 20 ppm swing but...
  17. RMcGirr83

    SOLD TF100 with speed stir

    Bought the TF100 and speed stir to do a comparison against my Lamotte. Did one round of tests with it. While there were some differences (minor BTW) my eyes are pretty much shot and I have a very difficult time with the Taylor kit so I'm selling it and the speed stir (which is still in it's box...
  18. RMcGirr83

    Better than a sharp stick in the eye

    Water could be just a bit warmer but we'll take it ?
  19. RMcGirr83

    The rain can stop please

    Can someone please speak to someone about all the rain that is hitting West Texas? Abilene gets, on average, 20 inches per year. As of today we've gotten 15+. It's getting a bit ridiculous and is cutting into my pool time, dang it. TIA :)
  20. RMcGirr83

    Oops we ran into some problems

    Just FYI, Click on "What's New->New Posts"
  21. RMcGirr83

    Pucks not dissolving

    Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Have an in-line chlorinator and in the process of not using any more (going liquid chlorine as CYA is perfect at 42). For the life of me I can't remember the last time I had added pucks to it. Opened it up yesterday and darned if there weren't...
  22. RMcGirr83

    In-Line Chlorinator

    I just noticed that our chlorinator maybe installed incorrectly. The line is plumbed into the bottom of the unit instead of the top like in this picture. Is that how they're supposed to be plumbed in? If so ours is wrong and explains why we don't seem to get a lot of chlorine output out of the...
  23. RMcGirr83

    Dazed and Confused

    Like the Led Zeppelin song. After viewing my electric bill for the past few months, have been going round and round with the PB as to why they didn't install a variable speed pump instead of the Jandy Stealth single speed pump (1.5 HP with 1.1 SF). Finally got to talk to someone who knows...
  24. RMcGirr83

    Sucking air

    So awoke this am to the pool returns spitting out air inter-mixed with water, "What the heck?". Go to the pump and the basket is half full of air. Turn the valve from mostly skimmer to main drain and that cured a bit of it but still sucking air. Go around to the skimmers and in one of them...
  25. RMcGirr83

    Dirt "stains" in plaster

    Scrubbing the pool and I can't seem to remove some dirt marks from the plaster (some are streaky looking and some just marks). CH is a bit high at 475 but all other readings are within scope (TC 2.2, pH 7.6, ALY 94, CYA 30). Any idea on why this happened and how I can get the "stains" out. TIA.
  26. RMcGirr83

    New Pool Build in west texas

    We just moved to Texas from CT and had our house built. Naturally given the west texas heat we had to have a pool. It was just finished this past week and I am now brushing the diamond brite (day one). Any pointers for a newb to follow?